Travis Manero: Owner

Travis Manero has excelled in all areas of the Ballroom Dance Industry throughout his career- receiving numerous Top Teacher Awards as a teacher and choreographer. A twelve-time, undefeated Fred Astaire Ohio Regional American Rhythm Champion and a Fred Astaire National Finalist in the American Rhythm Division, Travis has trained top competitors and studio owners at a Regional and National level.  An accomplished performer, Travis has traveled around the world as a feature ballroom dancer for the Jean Ann Ryan Production Company and the Peter Grey Turhune Production Company, aboard Silver Sea and Regent Seven Seas cruise lines. Travis is a certified Yoga Instructor and continuously pursues advanced training in Ballroom Dancing- recently earning his Gold Level Certification with Honors.

Kyrylo Myshakov- Instructor

Kyrylo started dancing in his hometown, Sieverodonetsk, Ukraine, in 1997.

Mr. Myshakov has achieved and sustained national acclaim in Ukraine. He has represented Ukraine at major international events in Poland, Moldova, and Russia. Kyrylo is a certified instructor in American and International style dance. He has received several awards for his excellence in Ballroom Dance.

Oksana Sidak- Instructor

Originally from Ukraine, she started dancing at a very early age. Oksana holds a Masters degree in Dance. Dancing with the formation team “Grace”, Oksana Sidak was the winner many times at the Open Ukrainian Cup.

Oksana has been representing the Ukrainian formation team in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Holland, Lithuania, France, and Poland. She is an enthusiastic, easy-going, and dynamic dance teacher.