Chance Scott

Position: Administrative Assistant

Place of Birth: Los Angeles California (Burbank)

Favorite Food: Mexican and Italian

Favorite Music: 70’s and 80’s soft rock and Country

Favorite Dance: Waltz and Tango

What I Love Most About Teaching: Meeting new people excited about changing something in their lives.

Who I Admire Most and Why: My stepdad, Fred Brackner. He was a hard worker, fair and did not prejudge people. And loved to laugh!

One Thing Most People Do Not Know About Me: Large crowds and public speaking tend to freak me out.

Biography: Chance has always loved music and started playing in bands in junior high school playing in a rock and roll band called “Gains Back.” Family called and Chance joined his dad in the car business leading him to Christian Brothers Automotive as a service writer. After 9 years Chance retired to join Fred Astaire and get back to enjoying music and getting people started enjoying all the benefits of dance.