Shall We Dance 2017

Shall We Dance has a new Partner…Fred Astaire!

The entire Fox Cities came together to host an awesome charity dance event.  We were delighted when our studio was asked to be a part of this year’s “Shall We Dance”.  That delight turned to honor when we met our three wonderful community dancers.  Each one was incredibly motivated and eager to put their talents to use both on the dance floor and off.  That honor turned to unabashed pride when we saw how beautiful each one of them danced.  Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Appleton took home both male and female Judges Choice Awards…the coveted Mirrored Ball Trophy!


Doug & Megan Blake are at 0:34

Jessica & Xander Weiss are at 2:47

Melody & Nicholas Plante are at 4:52

The Sexual Assault Crisis Center is in Appleton and has been helping and serving the greater Fox Cities area since February 1978. What started out as a “grassroots” initiative, turn into what you see today. About every year since 2017, the S.A.C.C has hosted an event known as Shall We Dance. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Shall We Dance event that takes place every October. According to the center and their website, “Shall We Dance is an uplifting and entertaining event that increases awareness about sexual assault while helping us raise the important funds we need to uphold our mission”.

Student Dancers for Fox Cities SWD2017
Our Community Dancers

Ballroom Dance is more than just pretty dresses, flittering lights, and glitz and glam.  Well to be honest, it is all those things and more…Heart!  Dancing is a physical expression of a feeling.  Sometimes that feeling is romance as in the waltz, and sometimes that feeling is flirtatious as in the cha cha.  Regardless of the feelings expressed, at the very core of ballroom dancing is a mutual respect for your partner.  And I can’t think of a better way to bring awareness to the this sensitive issue than the pageantry of Ballroom Dancing.

Student Dancers for Fox Cities SWD2017
Shall We Dance 2017

Shall We Dance is an effective and fun way to get the community involved together with helping combat the issue that is sexual assault, through Ballroom Dancing! By the S.A.C.C putting on this event, they are able to raise relatively enough funds to help them keep providing the important work they do for the community. Thanks to the eight dancers competing in this year’s competition (as well as past, but particularly this year’s), the S.A.C.C can keep doing what they’ve been doing and more since 1978. Providing healing and treatment to survivors and their families is vital to the healing process.

We are proud of both our community dancers as well as our professional dancers.  For more information on how you can help the event or for more information on the process and benefits of learning how to dance in the Fox Cities click here.

“Shall We Dance” is the best Charity dance event in the Fox Cities!