Megan Blake

Ballroom Dance Teacher

I love being a Ballroom Dance teacher.  I believe in high-energy, positive reinforcement.  I was student once, so I know what it feels like to learn how to dance, and I think that gives my teaching style a little touch of warmth and compassion.

Which dances do you love the most?

I love all the dances because they allow you to express yourself in different ways.  But if I had to pick…Salsa is a super-fun one because you can get really crazy and Tango is awesome because it is very passionate.

What is the all-time best “Dance” Movie?

Dirty Dancing! I love that the main character found herself through ballroom dancing.  I think that happens a lot in life.  Patrick Swayze isn’t too bad either!

Which Super-Hero Power would you pick?

Teleportation and Telepathy.  I could travel anywhere without having to go-through airport security and I could talk to other people when I am supposed to be quiet.

What is the best thing about your hometown?

There is always something for people to do, in any season! Especially summer, things are constantly happening.

Who is your favorite dancer?

Ginger Rogers.  She did everything Fred did…and she did it backwards and in heels!

Favorite weekend binge-watch guilty pleasure?

Breaking Bad.  Never gets old!

Which animated character do you most relate to?

Pocahontas without a doubt.  She always stood up for what she believed in, and she was always ready for an adventure!  Some may say she was stubborn, but I admire her strength of will.

What do you love most about Ballroom Dancing?

Pushing myself to new limits and then surprising myself when I master something new.  I honestly fall more in love with dancing everyday, and I never knew that a single thing could make me feel whole.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?

I love watching couples reconnect with each other through dance.  Nothing is more romantic!

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