Melinda Plante | Ballroom Dance Director & Professional Dance Instructor

After learning how to ballroom dance and competing in on the European Circuit, Ms. Melinda was invited to teach and train at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2005. She enjoyed the warm, family atmosphere so much, she decided to stay in Wisconsin and share her expertise to her students in American and International styles of dancing.

Being a Champion Dancer several times in Europe and with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in the United States, she knows that dancing is the best thing she can give to her students to be happy in life.


  • Certified in Fred Astaire curriculum Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • German Champion A/B division
  • Fred Astaire Regional and National Champion/Finalist
  • Independent Finalist/Champion

Which dances do you love the most?

Rumba because it is the ballroom dance of the “couples” and I love falling in love when I dance it with the one I love.  Foxtrot makes me feel I am floating and flying on the floor and it allows me to be sassy.  Samba because it makes my body move all over I just can’t stop moving.  Paso Doble because my anger issues need to be somehow resolved through a bullfight!

What is the all-time best “Dance” Movie?

Shall We Dance is pretty high up because I know how J-Lo was feeling with her act to be the competitor with a dream. But when I was 10 years old, I think, I saw Grease for the first time and that pretty much beats everything else.

What is the best thing about your hometown?

I have adopted Appleton as my new home town, because that’s where my daughter will be raised!  But I really do miss the Schnitzel and Langos!

Who is your favorite dancer?

Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocci are my favorite right now but I can’t decide, there are so many out there and there will be always more.

Favorite weekend binge-watch guilty pleasure?

Anything that keeps my attention for several hours is my guilty pleasure but currently The West Wing is what I am watching…my way of preparing for my citizenship test!!!

What do you love most about Ballroom Dancing?

If you have ever driven a motorcycle or jumped out of an airplane you’ll know when I say “feeling free”.  Ballroom dance has the same feeling plus romance and passion!

What is the most rewarding part of your career?

I am very passionate about dancing.  I love when I can give students enough confidence and skill in dancing that they become as passionate as I am!

Piece of advice for students/new students?

Ballroom dance is all about patience and smiles!  If you make a mistake, just keep going.  Remember, some of the best dance moves start off as mistakes!

Melinda Kiss Plante