Ballroom Dance Waltham MA

Ballroom Dance Waltham MABallroom Dance Waltham MA

Ballroom Dance Waltham MA has never been more accessible and more fun! Just over the town line is a rare gem. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Belmont boasts a 2300sf ballroom and by far the best instruction in the Waltham MA area. If you or someone you know has been considering trying out Ballroom Dance Waltham MA stop in and meet our friendly team of dance instructors. They will have you up on the dance floor and having Fun in no time.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Waltham MA are the hobby that everyone is talking about. Dance lessons aren’t just for your parents anymore! More and more colleges are adding Ballroom Dance teams to their competitive credentials. Ballroom dance is a great way to meet new friends and do something active thats good for your body. Say goodbye to the freshman 15! Step into our beautiful Ballroom dancing school and see what a glamorous and exciting dancing can be.

Wedding Dance Waltham MA

If you’re planning a wedding and need some help with a first dance Waltham MA we can help! Our professional dance instructors can plan choreography or just simple movement for you and your fianc√©. Some couples are unsure about what they are looking for check out our blog post To Choreograph or not to Choreograph. We can help with your music selection, creating a fun and elegant dance, and helping to plan when to invite your guests up to dance.

In Conclusion

Ballroom Dancing is more than making a comeback. Many, many people are looking to learn to dance for a number of reasons. Including, social life, exercise, mental health, work related reasons, competitive edge and more! CONTACT US TODAY, to stop in for a no pressure, no obligation Introductory offer. We will show you in 45 minutes how Ballroom Dance Classes can change your life, self esteem and physical ability. Fun is just a phone call away!

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