One Day Without Shoes


We’re going to a little soul-searching and a little sole searching as well. FADS of Belmont is asking students and staff to support in the “One Day Without Shoes” event on Thursday, May 21st.

This is a worthy cause and anyone who dances knows how important the health and care of their feet is. Staff and students will be asked to take part in their dance lessons without wearing any shoes for the entire day. We are promoting this event to help raise awareness and support TOMS’ mission to give a pair of shoes to every child in the world who lacks them.

We will Instagram pictures of your bare feet using the hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES as we assist TOMS, the noted internet apparel retailer, in reaching its lofty and worthwhile goal. Every picture of a person’s bare feet will bring a child a pair of shoes (up to one million, limit one photo per person via Instagram).

Tag your friends and challenge them to take part. TOMS started this campaign on May 5 and it will continue until its culmination on Thursday, May 21 in “One Day Without Shoes.”

Feel free to check out TOMS at Help us help TOMS and help TOMS help others through your support of “One Day Without Shoes.” Prove you’ve got soul while donating soles and heels to needy kids.