Spring Has Sprung: Dance Your Way to a New You!

dance into spring - belmont dance classes

If you’re anything like us, you may be finding you have more “pep in your step” with spring right around the corner! Warmer temperatures and longer days bring us blooming flowers, singing birds, and the joy of a new season. We believe spring is a great time to take on something new; something fun, challenging, and beneficial to your mind, body and soul.

Not only is dance a great form of exercise – summer is right around the corner, after all – but it’s also a pleasurable creative outlet and a great form of expression! Studies show that dance not only reduces stress but helps you lose weight and stay flexible – who wouldn’t want that?

From the Foxtrot to Salsa, our dance studio in Belmont, offers classes that appeal to everyone. At your first lesson, you’ll learn the basic elements on which all dance patterns are based and by the end, you’ll be on your way to dancing!

Spring represents change; a time for growth and fresh beginnings. So why not use this time to challenge yourself, physically and mentally? Join us for a free intro dance lesson; you will meet new people, get in shape, and learn something new all while having a great time!