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Whether you've danced before, or think you have two left feet, you've come to the right place. Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the premier dance studio.

When you sign up for lessons at the Fred Astaire Ballroom, you'll get to choose from multiple dance styles and approaches. And our welcoming studio environment makes our studio the perfect place to hone your skills, no matter at what level you are currently.

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Welcome to the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Brookfield, CT.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons • Latin Dance Lessons
Private Dance Lessons • Group Dance Lessons

Our hours are 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Please call us at 203-775-6588 with any questions or to schedule your introductory dance lessons.

Fairfield County’s Go To Place for Ballroom Dancing Lessons…

Ballroom Dancing is our specialty! The Brookfield Fred Astaire was opened in the summer of 2008 to serve the communities of Danbury, Redding, Bethel, Brookfield and surrounding areas. It is one of four ballroom dancing studios in the Fairfield County Fred Astaire Studio chain, which have been teaching quality dance lessons for over 30 years. Nestled on Old State Road, just behind Irwin Gas Station and Petco, the Brookfield studio sits on the lower level facing the rear. Long term residents may recall the building as being the former home of Craft Basket and USA Baby.

With dedicated teachers and a trademark system to make learning to dance easy, Fred Astaire Dance studios offer the best environment to take dance lessons. Reflecting the qualities that make Greenwich and its neighboring towns great to work and live in, we strive to make ballroom dancing a part of everyday life. Whether you are going to do the salsa in Danbury or to a dinner dance Redding, you will want to look your best. That is where we can help.

Who Takes Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire?

Many Ballroom Dancing studios treat dance lessons like a commodity. Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield believes that our students want more. Students want to dance for fitness, and dance for health. They want to break away from their hectic schedule and relax. They want to be the best possible version of their self. With this in mind the material each student learns is completely tailored to them individually. Some of our students are learning to dance ballroom for their wedding. Other students want to be latin dance champions. And many of our students start just wanting to learn to socially dance. The Brookfield studio helps students discover what their passion is and then works to make it a reality.

“But I can’t dance, and I have no partner”

Ballroom Dancing isn’t just for seniors, it’s re-insurgence has meant that Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials alike have found their way to the dance floor. Learning to dance with Fred Astaire Brookfield means you don’t have to feel ashamed of not knowing how to dance. We teach that! If someone has ever said you have no rhythm, it’s no problem. We teach that! If you felt like you have always wanted to dance, but stopped because you didn’t have a partner, now is the time to get started. We provide you with a professional dance instructor, who will be your partner, just like on T.V. No matter if you are young or young at heart, want to blend in on the dance floor stand out from the crowed, ballroom lessons are right for you.

We invite students to join us for a studio tour, dance evaluation, and course consultation. If you wish to see the studio and try a little dancing, please fill out the form above.

Live in the Stamford or Greenwich area, and do not want to commute? Plan a visit to our Greenwich studio.

About Scroll

About Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Great Beginnings
Our company began when Mr. Fred Astaire co-founded a chain of dance studios under his name, to make sure that his dance techniques could be preserved and passed onto the public… and on March 7th, 1947, the first Fred Astaire Dance Studio opened, at 487 Park Avenue in New York City. Since then, our network of worldwide dance studios has produced a wealth of amateur and professional dancers, who are the living embodiment of Fred Astaire’s style and grace. And since 1947, we have had the honor & privilege of improving the lives of our students, staff and everyone who is associated with our company, through the joy of lifelong dancing!

Ballroom Dance Lessons Should be FUN!
The teaching philosophy at every Fred Astaire Dance studio is simple and straightforward: learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! We work with students of all ages and abilities, and help them realize their ballroom dancing goals in a friendly and inspirational atmosphere. Whether you are interested in wedding dance instruction, are looking for a new hobby or way to connect with your partner, want to improve your social life, or are taking your dancing skills to the next level, Fred Astaire’s teaching method will result in faster learning rates and higher levels of achievement – regardless of your physical attributes or comprehension. And at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you’ll always find a warm and welcoming community that will inspire you to reach new heights, feel and look confident, and have fun doing it!

Learn Faster, Achieve More
Our proven dance curriculum includes a tiered program of regularly-scheduled Private Lessons, plus Group Lessons and Practice Parties to ensure that you learn as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the most retention, and the most FUN! Our dance instructors’ repertoire covers the full range of ballroom dances – American, Latin, International Style, Ballroom Style, even Exhibition and Theater Arts dances. Created for both social & competitive dancers, our proprietary dance instruction program ensures you’ll be on your way to confident dancing by the end of your very first lesson! Click here for more information and to find a Fred Astaire Dance Studio near you.

Track Your Progress
The Fred Astaire Trophy System is an easy way for you to track your progress & stay motivated, while you enjoy dancing. Our Beginner and Social Foundation Programs teach newer students the step patterns and techniques needed to move around the dance floor. Students then move on to Bronze, which will enable you to comfortably and confidently dance on any sized dance floor, to any music, with any partner. From there, you can hone your skills and talents within the Silver level, and then all the way to the Gold!

Our Talented Dance Instructors
Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructors are gifted dance educators who hail from all over the world. Many have Fine Arts degrees and are actively-competing, award-winning professional dancers. Our dance instructors complete the rigorous work required to become certified in the Fred Astaire Curriculum, a teaching method that not only teaches the mechanics of partner dancing, but also presents the building blocks of how people ABSORB and RETAIN information. This program ensures a consistent, high-level of dance instruction because it teaches in a way that people naturally learn! Our proprietary dance curriculum is also continuously reviewed by world-famous former dance champions and registered judges on the Fred Astaire National Dance Board, to ensure only the finest, most up-to-date programs for our students.

Exciting Events & Dance Competitions
Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer a variety of fun local events to make your dance experience exciting and rewarding! Guest Parties, Showcases, Spotlights, Community Outreach Events, special Coaching Sessions and off-site Group Outings encourage social interaction and help you apply what you’re learning. And our branded Regional, National and International Pro-Am and Professional Dance Competitions give you inspiring opportunities to compete, travel and hone your dancing skills in supportive and exciting environments.

Fred Astaire Dance Store
Each Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio features an in-studio and online Dance Store, where you can purchase branded products (such as dance shoes, practice wear and more) to keep you looking and feeling your best, on and off the dance floor.

Get Started Today, with a Fred Astaire Dance Studio Intro Offer!
Take advantage of the special introductory offer at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and take the first step towards realizing your ballroom dance goals! Click here to find a location near you – and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.



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Gift Certificates Available

Introductory Offer

1 Private Lesson for $30

Expires on 11/30/18

History of Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Today, one almost can’t turn on the TV or radio, or open a newspaper, magazine, or web page without hearing a mention of Mr. Fred Astaire in reference to dancing. He has left a lasting impact on the world and when people think of a dancing legend, Fred Astaire is the first to come to mind. We are proud of our great dance heritage which began in 1947 when the Master of dance himself, Mr. Fred Astaire, co-founded our company.

Mr. Fred Astaire, considered to be the greatest multitalented dancer of all time, wanted to establish a chain of studios under his name to make sure that his techniques would be preserved and passed onto the public. Mr. Astaire was instrumental in the choice of dance curriculum and instructional techniques. With the opening of the first Fred Astaire Studio on Park Avenue in New York City, Fred Astaire brought his immense talent out of the glamour of Hollywood and onto the dance floors of America and the world.

“Some people seem to think that good dancers are born.” Astaire once observed. “All the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained. To me, dancing has always been fun. I enjoy every minute of it. I am glad that I can now put my knowledge to use in bringing personal confidence and a feeling of achievement to so many people.”

Today, numerous Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios located in cities throughout North America and internationally, are required to maintain the highest standards of excellence through our National Dance Board and Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios curriculum certification. Although Mr. Astaire is no longer with us in person, our studios have produced a wealth of amateur and professional dancers who are the living embodiment of his style and grace.



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Winston  My fiancé and I found Fred Astaire Dance Studio on the web while looking for a place to learn how to dance for our wedding. It was local and when we called they were so nice so we went for a consultation. And we got more than we bargained for. What started out as something we needed to do, quickly became something we wanted to do every week.  Our instructor Matthew is great. He makes it fun to learn.  We laugh a lot and he is always positive so that we do not get frustrated and really knows how to break it down so we understand the steps.

It really is becoming a hobby for Brian and me.   We are learning to love it, and a huge part of that is that when you walk in the dance studio it is like walking into your home. Everyone is so excited to see you, they are all so proud of the achievements you are making and the atmosphere is so relaxed and fun. We love that we learn different details from each instructor and there method of teaching makes you well rounded.

By taking the different classes you learn different aspects. The parties help you navigate on the dance floor as well as dancing in front of people, while the group classes let you know that you are not alone in the learning process. I would highly recommend if you are thinking about dancing to come and try them out because once you visit you will want to come back.

…Heather Simmons & Brian Winston


Cris_Muscott__Elmar_Schmidt   Ballroom dancing is a lifetime adventure which opens up a world in which anyone of any age can combine movement, art, and music. After dancing with Elmar Schmidt, Director of the Brookfield Fred Astaire Studio, for almost four years I have learned not only about dance, but about myself.

Ballroom Dancing leads the way for self-discovery and a truly beautiful and wonderful adventure each time I dance.  Four years ago, I started with just one step…

…Cris Muscott



Gary_Hawley__Isabelle_Gollwitzer  If you would like to know learn how to dance, the only place to go is the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Brookfield.  The instructors are enthusiastic and fun, especially Isabelle Gollwitzer, and I am so happy that I’ve gotten involved with dancing.

…Gary Hawley


Fred_Astaire_Big-Blk  Studying ballroom dance has been a wonderful opportunity for us to learn together while having fun and exercising both brains and body. As we dance, we build not only strength, agility, balance and grace but also enduring memories and pride in our accomplishments. And we get to dress up!

Some lessons are easy, others more challenging, yet working as a team with our instructor, Matthew, makes it all within reach. We appreciate Matthew’s professionalism and his deep understanding of the learning process. His enthusiasm motivates and pushes us further than we thought we could go.

…L.J & D.G



  I started ballroom dancing lessons at Brookfield Fred Astaire when I was eight. At first I was shy, but my instructor was so nice and funny that he made it easy to learn. All of the instructors here are really professional and great dancers.

First I learned Latin/Rhythm dances like Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Salsa, Hustle, Samba, Swing as well as Paso Doble and Quickstep. Now I’m eleven and I am learning to dance Slow Waltz, Vienesse Waltz and West Coast Swing. There are always new ones to learn!

…Daisy MacDonald


Mr. Fred Astaire

Biography Of Mr. Fred Astaire

Fred-AstaireFred Astaire, born in 1899, began show business at the age of 5, performing on Broadway and in vaudeville with his sister, Adele. Then he headed to Hollywood where he began a successful partnership with Ginger Rogers for nine movies. He appeared in films with esteemed co-stars such as Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Ann Miller, Debbie Reynolds and Cyd Charisse. He also co-starred with the biggest actors of that time, including Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, and Gene Kelly.

Fred Astaire was not only a great dancer – changing the face of the American movie musical with his style and grace – but he was also an actor in many different dramatic and comedic roles in both movies and TV specials. He won multiple Emmys for his work in television. The Towering Inferno (1974) earned him an Oscar nomination. He received an honorary Academy Award in 1950 for his “unique artistry and his contributions to the technique of musical pictures.”
Fred Astaire died in 1987 from pneumonia. With his passing, we lost a true dancing legend. His effortless lightness and grace may never be seen again. As Mikhail Baryshnikov observed at the time of his death, “No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.”

Fred Astaire’s Dance Partners

Although famous for his magical partnership with Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire also danced with the leading ladies of his time, including Cyd Charisse, Lucille Bremer, Joan Leslie, Leslie Caron, Vera Ellen, Barrie Chase, Judy Garland, Eleanor Powell and Rita Hayworth.
“For ballroom dancing, remember that your partners have their own distinctive styles also. Cultivate flexibility. Be able to adapt your style to that of your partner. In doing so, you are not surrendering your individuality, but blending it with that of your partner.”
– Fred Astaire from The Fred Astaire Top Hat Dance Album, 1936

Fred Astaire Films

Fred Astaire starred in 31 musical films. He was famous for his collaboration with Ginger Rogers in the following films:

  • Flying Down To Rio (1933)
  • The Gay Divorcee (1934)
  • Roberta (1935)
  • Top Hat (1935)
  • Follow The Fleet (1936)
  • Swing Time (1936)
  • Shall We Dance (1937)
  • Carefree (1938)
  • The Story Of Vernon & Irene Castle (1939)
  • The Barkleys Of Broadway (1949)

Songs Introduced By Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire introduced many classic songs by famous American composers, including:

  • Cole Porter’s “Night and Day” from The Gay Divorcee (1932)
  • Jerome Kern’s “Nice Work If You Can Get It” from A Damsel In Distress (1937) and “A Fine Romance,” “The Way You Look Tonight,” and “Never Gonna Dance” from Swing Time (1936)
  • Irving Berlin’s “Cheek To Cheek” and “Isn’t This A Lovely Day” from Top Hat (1936) and “Let’s Face The Music And Dance” from Follow The Fleet (1936)
  • Gershwins’ “A Foggy Day” from A Damsel In Distress (1937) and “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,” “They All Laughed,” “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” and “Shall We Dance” from Shall We Dance (1937)