6 Reasons to Start Dancing

It’s time to move to the beat. If you loved dancing, think about adding dance back into your schedule. Here are 6 good reasons to consider finding your way back out on the floor.

  1.  Get out of your head. Leave your worries behind. If you are wrapped up in your thoughts, clear your mind. When you dance, you’re going to think about your movement, you’re going to enjoy the music and you’re going to quit obsessing about work, the kids and grandkids and whatever else is cluttering your mind.
  2. Dress up. You know you like to get out of that housedress or those blue jeans. Put on a dress with a flirty skirt. Consider that silk tie you haven’t had out of the closet in months. Dressing up makes you feel good – and dancing might make you feel sexy. They go hand-in-hand.
  3. A structured social setting. Whether you go to a dance club, a dance learning center or a dance at a community center, it’s easy to meet new people. After all, you’re all here for the same reason. It’s not like a bar or a party, where you stand around hoping to find anyone to talk with you. You ask someone to dance – you’re asked to dance. You dance; you switch partners. It’s easy to meet new people.
  4. It’s exercise! And, it’s fun. You work off some calories without even noticing. And, if you practice at home or dance while you’re dusting, you’ll add to your exercise plan without even realizing it.
  5. Confidence. You’re going to build your self-esteem. Dancing makes you feel sure of yourself. When other people are standing on the sidelines, you’ll be ready to get on the floor and that makes you feel good about you!
  6. It’s a cool hobby. Your friends are going to be impressed; they’ll think you’re cool, confident and brave to give it a try. Dancing as a hobby beats just about anything. It introduces you to both new skills and new people. It’s fun!

Dance! You’ll meet new people and make new friends. You’ll get exercise without feeling like you’re doing a workout. Most of all, you’ll have fun. If dancing used to be part of your life and isn’t any more, come back. If you’ve always wished you could dance, but never mastered it, learn! You can get started at community centers or dance clubs, but the best way to brush up your skills is to go to a dance center. You’ll get the help and encouragement from professional instructors. One great place to learn is the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Chandler. Give it a try!