Lisa Bianco – Owner, Chandler Studio

Lisa began her journey in ballroom dancing as a student back in 1996.  Having never experienced dancing of any kind, she fell in love instantly. She continued as a competitive amateur dancer for the next four years. During those years, Lisa realized that learning how to dance brought many amazing benefits to her life, and to all of those around her, that had to do with more than just the dancing.
It was at that point Lisa realized that she didn’t want to spend any more of her life without the profoundly life-changing experience of the wonderful world of ballroom dancing. She became the owner of the Chandler Fred Astaire in 2001, and has been committed ever since to a life of sharing the magic of dance with all whom she comes in contact.

Lindsey Bianco – Training Director & Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Lindsey started dancing ballroom and Latin at the age of twelve. Through hard work and persistence, she became a United States amateur finalist at many major competitions. At 16, she won the Open International Latin at the Ohio Star Ball, and was Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ Pro/Am International Champion.

Lindsey was only 19 when she and her amateur partner won the Amateur Latin Division at the Fred Astaire National Dance Competition.

At that point, Lindsey decided to pursue a professional career, and began teaching at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. She has had many accomplished students over the years; one student became the Pro/Am American Rhythm National Champion. Lindsey continued competing and is the undefeated regional champion in Closed Smooth and Rhythm.

Lindsey is now the Training Director at the Chandler Fred Astaire Ballroom. She assists with regional competitions and showcases, using her excellent choreography skills and long experience as a ballroom dancer and competitor to enhance and create the Arizona professionals’ dance performances. She has also stepped in to direct the annual show, when it’s been needed.

When not in the studio, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her two children and working out.


Sean Emad – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Sean has been dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios since 2004, having taught at multiple studio locations around the country.  Before joining the ballroom world, Sean was an accomplished gymnast and professional cheerleader, even earning a college scholarship to Northern Arizona University for his skills.
After finding ballroom dance, Sean dedicated his time and efforts to many philanthropic institutes, including the Kidney Foundation (AZ chapter) and The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as many other regional and national events.
Sean’s professional accomplishments range from being one of the top teachers in the Arizona region to being one of the top five instructors for Fred Astaire Dance Studios as a whole.  He has brought many students to the world of competitive dance, even helping some achieve “finalist” and champion status.  Sean’s biggest passion is seeing the gift of dance come alive in his students, and watching the growth of a new dancer start to blossom.

Bo Greer – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Bo started teaching at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2014, and quickly became one of the top instructors of the Arizona region.  His dance skills started developing at the age of six, and he was a star in his California hometown.  Bo took his acting and performing skills on the road, sharing them all over the West coast through various roles and stage work.
Having been so inspired by the world of dance growing up, Bo decided to pursue his dance career with Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  He became a dance instructor as well as a professional dance competitor, participating in his first regional competition not long after he was hired.
Bo has been in the spotlight for many years, but his passion truly lies in seeing the spotlight get passed along to his students. He is Chandler’s resident Wedding Dance expert, and specializes in creating the most magical of moments for his students. 

Bonnie Yuen – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Originally from Hong Kong, Bonnie started her career as a performer at a very young age. After moving to the States, Bonnie continued to pursue different forms of dance and performance, landing herself in some high-level dance courses at her high school. As a Senior (Grade 12), Bonnie auditioned for a spot (and made it!) on the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad, entertaining large crowds with high level dance and acrobatics! As if that wasn’t enough, she auditioned for AND MADE the cut to dance for AFL Arizona Rattlers’ Sidewinder Dance Team too! Outside of professional sports, Bonnie was also a regular on stage with local dance companies like Epik Dance and Female Prophecy. Along with her performing gigs, Bonnie would spend all of her spare time teaching, whether it was Hip Hop or Jazz or Lyrical or Fitness based. After being recruited by a Ballroom Dancing school, her training and success quickly followed. Bonnie has been trained by some of the best, including long time American Rhythm Champions Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova, and that drive is given right over to her students. Bonnie is not going to rest until she has taught every single person how to dance!

David Leffers – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Being introduced to partner dancing at the age of 14, David’s first experience was waltzing at a Quinceanera! From there, his love for the arts and for performing quickly took over his life, and he was responsible for creating the very first ‘Swing Dance Club” at his high school. His passion for dance, music, and drama drove him to become a student of dance, and he decided to enroll as an amateur at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. After having participated in many aspects of dance (stage productions, regional competitions, and any other event he was invited to!) David’s passion took him one step further, and he became a Professional Instructor with Fred Astaire. In his first year as a Professional, David, along with his professional partner Haylee Hughes, won the Novice Division Championships of 2017. David can always be counted on for a laugh and good quirky dance move.

Dimitre Atanasov – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Coming from an Eastern European family, Dimitre started his dance training at the age of nine years old, and quickly grew to the top of his divisions in both International Standard and Latin. His inspiration was not too far from home, either; both of Dimitre’s parents were competitive Latin dancers and trained under some of the most renowned names in the ballroom dancing industry. After moving to the states, Dimitre trained at the King’s Dancesport Center, the very first Ballroom dancing school in Brooklyn, NY. After achieving such success early on, Dimitre took a break from dancing around the age 16, to focus more on his studies. Though his life would take him all the way to the West Coast, his passion for dance would not go unnoticed. Dimitre took his extensive dance background and knowledge and became a Professional Instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Las Vegas, NV, then transferring to the Arizona region. Dimitre is a wealth of knowledge, not just in International styles, but social American dancing as well. He can always be seen on the dancefloor, correcting his students posture and feet, with a huge smile on his face!

Gina Lerma – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

You can always catch Ms. Gina’s enthusiastic energy on and off the dancefloor! Gina was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing at the age of 15, first trying her hands (or feet, rather) with International Latin. Back in her hometown (El Paso, TX) Gina loved training and performing with her dance studio for many years, though she aspired for more than she felt El Paso had to offer. After moving to Phoenix and becoming involved with Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Gina has now become a thoroughly well-rounded dancer, expanding her knowledge in both International styles, as well as now being an American Rhythm and Smooth Professional Competitor. Through all her passion and excitement, Gina hopes to inspire her students to reach their full dancing potential and to join her on this crazy ride of dance! In her spare time, Gina can always be found in the kitchen, cooking up some delicious food and taste-testing chocolate bars on an (almost) daily basis.

Haylee Hughes – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Haylee’s passion for dance began when she started taking lessons at age four, training in almost every style of dance. In addition to dancing with her independent studio, of which she gained many
Championship titles, she also became a member and head captain of her competitive high school Dance Team, which achieved 2 Regional titles and 1 National Championship title. In 2009, her passion for dance led her to Arizona State University, where she became a competitive member of the ASU Spirit Squad. After two wonderful years on the team she decided to put all her focus into pursuing her college degree, and in 2014 she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BSD in Visual Communication. In her pursuit of a career, she found a home at Fred Astaire Dance Studios where she quickly fell in love with the fabulous world of Ballroom Dancing. Haylee enjoys all styles of partner dancing, but she found her niche in American Smooth, which she competes with her professional dance partner and fellow Fred Astaire professional, David Leffers (they are currently the 2017 Novice Division Champions). She continues to be inspired by her love of dancing and the wonderful people she has the privilege of sharing it with.

Mason Navarrette – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Mason is the prime example of a dancer who started late in life, and still accomplished greatness. Being introduced to Hip Hop dance at the age of 17, Mason quickly fell in love and devoted all his energy to becoming the best he could be. After becoming a member of the Mesa Community College Dance Company, he received a scholarship for intense training at the Tempe Dance Academy. There, he expanded his knowledge in forms of traditional dance like Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. His quick advancement led him to dancing for numerous dance companies around the valley (Camalo Dance Company, Elements Dance Crew, and his own, B4L Crew, just to name a few) and led to a spot on the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad! Mason has been heavily involved in the performing arts of the Phoenix Metro area, dancing in residency shows at local casinos, Cabaret at the Pressroom, and choreographing/producing shows for up-and-coming acts around the valley. Finding his way to ballroom dance, Mason started teaching for Fred Astaire Dance Studios at the age of 25, where he was quickly recognized as a very versatile performer. His students enjoy the fusion of style that his knowledge and experience bring, and they are always excited about the next possibility!

Antonio Lomeli – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Another native Texan, Antonio grew up with a big interest in physical fitness, and in 2007, he became both a Certified Personal Trainor as well as Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Shortly after, Antonio found a passion for dance too. In 2009, Tony (for short) became involved in the dancing community here in Phoenix, quickly becoming a well rounded and respected instructor for his knowledge in both American and International styles. Over the years, Tony has had the privilege to work at some of the best dancing schools in AZ, before settling at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Chandler, the largest ballroom dancing school in the state! As a Professional Competitor, Tony has had much success and experience in the Rhythm and Latin divisions, and over the years, his passion for dance could only be exceeded by his passion for his students’ success! If you have a goal in mind, Tony will get you there!

Tyler Saccoman – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Originally from Minnesota, Tyler started his dance career in high school, getting involved in the Theater and Dance programs. His passion for theater and dance soon grew beyond his high school, and he pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Theater Production with a minor in dance from the University of Wisconsin. Upon completing his degree, Tyler made the trek out to LA to try his hand at showbusiness! After spending a year living in THE heart of Hollywood, Tyler decided to listen to HIS heart and make another trek to Phoenix, where he found Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Performing has always been Tyler’s biggest passion, taking every chance he has to hone and better his skills, and transferring that passion and desire along to his students. When he’s not dancing, Tyler can be seen breaking a sweat at the gym, or sitting poolside soaking up the AZ. sun (he’s from Minnesota, remember?)