Gina Lerma – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor/Dance Director

You can always catch Ms. Gina’s enthusiastic energy on and off the dancefloor! Gina was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing at the age of 15, first trying her hands (or feet, rather) with International Latin. Back in her hometown (El Paso, TX) Gina loved training and performing with her dance studio for many years, though she aspired for more than she felt El Paso had to offer. After moving to Phoenix and becoming involved with Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Gina has now become a thoroughly well-rounded dancer, expanding her knowledge in both International styles, as well as now being an American Rhythm and Smooth Professional Competitor. Through all her passion and excitement, Gina hopes to inspire her students to reach their full dancing potential and to join her on this crazy ride of dance! In her spare time, Gina can always be found in the kitchen, cooking up some delicious food and taste-testing chocolate bars on an (almost) daily basis.