Join Us For An Evening With OUR Stars!

We dance for fun and we dance for pleasure, but we also dance with a purpose. Improving our skills on the dance floor is always a challenge, and we do like to show our peers, our friends and our family exactly what we have been able to achieve through our diligence and passion.

That time comes on Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. with a studio showcase in Chandler that we call: An Evening With OUR Stars!

This will be a student and professional showcase. Students will be showcasing the shows they have spent all year working on. We will have professional performances sprinkled throughout the evening as well.

This is a chance for our dedicated students and our professional staff to shine, and we hope you will come out and enjoy the performances and a great social evening.

We will have beer and wine available for spectators. Tickets are just $10 and the event is open to the public and to the family and friends of our performers.

Performers love a little feedback (and a lot of applause). They’ve put in their time on these routines and can’t wait to show you their moves. Please join us and give them a hand.