Join Us For Our Showcase Extravaganza!

We love the way our students at the Chandler studio throw themselves into dance with passion and dedication. Now they get a chance to show off a year of work on their skills in front of an audience of their peers – you, their fellow students, friends and family.

Welcome to the Showcase Extravaganza. It will be right here in the Chandler studio on Friday, Aug. 16, at 7 p.m. Come one, come all!

This event allows students to perform the showcases that they have worked on for the previous year. Friends and family are invited to attend, watch the show and lend their support.

Cocktails and refreshments provided. There is no charge to attend and this fabulous event is open to the public.

Dance is fun, but it can also be a serious pursuit. Wait until you see members of the Chandler studio family demonstrating what a year of effort and practice yields. You may want to be under the spotlight in the Showcase Extravaganza yourself next year.

Need more information? Talk to your instructor or call us.

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