July Workshop: Exploring Alternative Dance Styles

Ballroom dancing is a big part of what we do at your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Chandler, but we love the variety of dance and we love to incorporate the many forms of it into a great program for you.

We think you will love our Alternative Dance Workshop on Saturday, July 21, from 10:20 a.m. through 2 p.m. because it brings to the fore other styles of dance that are fun and popular.

This workshop will focus on Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet. That’s quite a variety, isn’t it?

Increase your knowledge of dance and body movement. Learn a new style to help supplement your ballroom and Latin dancing. Work on core, posture, balance and more!

Hip Hop has its roots in jazz, which ties it to African dance. It’s vibrant and physical and it will definitely get you moving!

Jazz dance is also high-energy and full of moves. It dates to the 1920s and, through the years, has continued to evolve.

Ballet is the most poetic of these styles and one that is difficult to master. But its basic positions are a great place to start and you will find that ballet (and stretching) can be a great help to your overall flexibility.

We still love the waltz and the foxtrot. But we are fans of all styles of dance. So please join on Saturday, July 21, for the Alternative Dance Workshop on Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet!