Tis’ The Season For Giving

FADS holiday gift certificate 4The holiday season is all about dance.

Those who are part of the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio family know this well, from their lessons to the great parties we’ve been having all month.

But just think about it. Dance is joy, and that’s what the holidays are about.

It all starts at Thanksgiving with “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The free-form jazzy dances the Peanuts characters engage in (to Vince Guaraldi’s wonderful riffs) illustrate how expressive and powerful dance is.

“The Nutcracker” is the classic Christmas ballet. The grace, the beauty, the pageantry of this work also kindles in us a desire to be out on the dance floor and displaying sinuous grace.

We could go back as far as the oldest film versions of “A Christmas Carol.” As a young man, Ebenezer Scrooge dances joyously with his fiancée at old Fezziwig’s Christmas Eve office party. These are the happy times for the man who would become the world’s Christmas humbug.

If you can be on your feet and dancing, then the most wonderful time of the year becomes even more wonderful and magical.

Think of someone who might appreciate this glorious feeling. Consider treating this someone to a dance lesson or two or giving gift certificates so that they may share in this experience. Talk to your instructor about sharing this wonderful passion.

Your holidays can only be happier if you’re dancing … dancing at a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio.