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For Wedding Dance Memories That Will Last a Lifetime…

Are you ready to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life? Join us at Fred Astaire Dance Studio to learn at our Wedding Dance Instruction Programs to create a personalized “First Dance” that will be sure to impress your guests. Participate in our wedding dance program to acquire the confidence and dance skills necessary for this special first dance that will not only showcase your fresh dance skills, but also your grace, personality, and sophistication. Join us today to prepare for an unforgettable wedding experience!

Call today, and let’s talk about your dream wedding dance!

  • Your Wedding Day First Dance
    Your First Dance is an everlasting expression of your love and commitment – for you and your new spouse, as well as for the special guests celebrating with you. First Dances can vary from a few easy steps to a long, detailed piece so contact us to help make your first dance the best dance you’ve ever seen!
  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances
    A memorable Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance is a wonderful complement to your First Dance. This dance is a symbol for your unending affection and love for your family (or those who will take their place such as close friends or other family members). We’d recommend also scheduling a few wedding dance lessons for them, too.
  • Wedding Party Dance Routines
    Are you looking to create a memory-worthy dance? We can help you choreograph a “YouTube-worthy” wedding dance for the whole wedding party, that’s set to your favorite music! Extend those special wedding day moments with an awesome routine you’ll want to re-live, again and again.

Your Day, YOUR Wedding Dance Experience

Ready to feel confident and ready to show off your dance skills at your dream wedding? Work with our expert dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios to learn some new choreography and also plan out the steps. We don’t restrict you to any rules so you have the freedom to do what you want! We recommend that you schedule your lessons up to one month in advance, or even earlier depending on the difficulty of the choreography. Bring us your favorite music, photos of your venue, wedding attire, and anything else you would like to share so that we can help make this an unforgettable time for you and your family!

Have Fun Along the Way To Wedding Day!

Are you ready to have some fun and stop stressing about your Big Day? Come into Fred Astaire Dance Studios to relax and provide your guests a noteworthy dance that they will be sure to remember for a lifetime. Our wedding dance lessons are a great way to leave behind all the stressful decisions, deadlines, and schedules related to your wedding day. So take some time off for yourself to both de-stress and have some fun at our dance lessons!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Lessons

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