Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Kids

Kids_ClassesAny parent knows kids can have seemingly endless amounts of energy and that physical activity and encouraging healthy habits is important from even a young age.   Team sports are appropriate energy channels and ballroom dancing should be considered among athletics options.

Ballroom Dancing is Physical.

Dancing challenges kids across the spectrum of fitness. It increases flexibility, requires balance and coordination, involves muscular strength and stamina and promotes correct posture. Dancing is a form of aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular health.

Ballroom Dancing Can Improve Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Ballroom dancing requires precise body movements and promotes body awareness. As your child learns and succeeds progressively through dance, they can become more comfortable with their bodies, their control of movement and development of individual style and creativity. They will practice and be rewarded for self-expression.

Ballroom Dancing is Social.

Dancing is a highly social activity. It requires verbal and non-verbal communication, working with a partner, physical interaction, and even public performances. It promotes cooperation, sharing ideas and team artistry. Learning in a group setting can build friendships as students master skills together. Socialization developed through dancing can also positively affect self-esteem.

Developing Good Habits.

Ballroom dancing requires practice, discipline, focus, and creativity! All of these skills can translate into other areas of your child’s life. Dancing can be challenging, whether it’s learning a new step or a whole routine, meeting the challenge and seeing it through to the end will cultivate perseverance.

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