Connie Hetzler, participating in The Rotary Club of Colleyville’s “Dancing for the Stars” community fundraiser!

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Colleyville is incredibly proud to have one of our favorite students, Connie Hetzler, participating in The Rotary Club of Colleyville’s “Dancing for the Stars” community fundraiser.

Connie joined our studio a little over two years ago when she was invited by a friend to one of our evening parties. Connie had previous dance experience, but was so impressed with our instructors and the fun atmosphere, she decided to get back into the groove with Fred Astaire Colleyville on a regular basis.  Two years and forty pounds later (yes, in addition to honing her dancing skills, Connie has also lost nearly 40 pounds!) Connie will be putting her best foot forward on behalf of all of the great causes supported by our local Rotary Club during their “Dancing for the Stars” event.

Connie moved to Texas three years ago for her job with leading eye care company Alcon in Fort Worth. As an engineer, she has a passion for the technology Alcon develops that gives people the gift of sight.  Connie is a frequent motivational speaker helping women advance in technology-related careers. Married for 34 years, she has one daughter and lists dancing as one of her favorite pastimes. “Ballroom dancing is part of my lifestyle,” Connie says. “It helps bring balance to my life.” 

“Dancing for the Stars” is a unique, fun-filled, community-wide fundraiser sponsored annually by The Rotary Club of Colleyville. This year’s event is being held on February 29th at the Colleyville CenterArea business celebrities are paired with a professional dance instructor to prepare one dance, which will be performed at the event. There are no judges —instead votes are cast by people donating money in the name of the dancer of their choice. The dancer who collects the most ‘votes’ is the champion!  Of course, the real winners are all of the charities and supported causes. 

FADS Colleyville wishes all the best to Connie and encourages everyone to show their support by casting a vote (making a donation) for Connie through the website or in person at the “Dancing for the Stars” event.

If you want to make dance a part of your lifestyle too, please contact us to get started!

Check out Connie in action below!