Fruzsina Liszkai

Born and raised in Hungary, Fruzsi started her dance career at her age 14. She started to compete in the International Style Latin Division. In 2012 she started to dance in one of the bests formation teams in Hungary and they won the Hungarian formation championship and the show dance Hungarian and European championship. From the age of 16 she had the opportunity to perform at the Hungarian National Dance theater.  From 2017-2021 Fruzsi was dancing all around the world, working on cruise ships as a professional dancer.

She loves to work with people of all ages and she is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge and increasing the quality of life in others.  As an instructor Fruzsi believes that anyone can learn to dance and she hopes to help inspire students to grow constantly, reach their goals and become a better version of themselves while gaining the passion and the fun of dance.

Fruzsi thinks that nothing is impossible and she is happy to guide all her students along the path of development and at the same time achieve all their goals together.