Share The Romance, Share The Dance

We all have a basic need for acceptance, friendship, a social circle, love and romance. And one of the best ways of building this type of support system and network is through dance, which is physical, creative, communicative and cooperative.

Dancing provides a fun activity that offers not only benefits in terms of physical fitness but in emotional well-being as well. People enjoy themselves on the dance floor, enjoying moving and being in contact with others. Many of our students will tell you how much their self-confidence and self-esteem has been bolstered through dance and their involvement with their “family” at Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. They feel more connected.

For couples, who are often stressed by the demands of everyday life, that getaway time on the dance floor can reignite passions and that sense of oneness so critical to a relationship. In ballroom dancing, couples are holding each other, moving as one. It often reminds them of those passions from the days they were dating. In learning to dance together, people learn or re-learn trust and anticipate the moves of the other. There is leading and following and this precision tends to breed more bonding. Dance is non-verbal communication, but we would tell you that couples who dance well together likely are able to express themselves to each other verbally as well.

Your Fred Astaire Cypress studio wants more folks to enjoy that closeness and the sexy aspects of being joined with another on the dance floor. So we are running a Valentine’s date night special – two private introductory lessons for $30; have fun with your honey learning easy and romantic moves! Click here to purchase.

And … We have a bunch of Freddy Ball nominees who deserve a shout-out. They are:

Top males:

Jeff Kato

James Duplechian

Billy Hazlegrove

Top Females:

Kari Dorigatti

Jackie Wilton

Deborah Bhai

Top Couples:

Billy and Nettie Hazlegrove

Bob and Susan Salisbury

Christian and Angel lausell

Top Competitors:

Deborah Bhai

Russell Kirkpatrick

Jeff Kato

Thank you to all of our students for a great 2017! Come celebrate with us at the Freddy Ball formal awards banquet and show on Saturday, Feb. 17.