Tilemachos Fatsis – Dance Instructor

Hello there! I’m Tilemachos Fatsis, a proud Greek with a delightful accent that adds a touch of charm to my English. My dance journey began at 17, and from the moment I stepped onto the dance floor, I fell head over heels for ballroom dancing. It all started with a serendipitous encounter—a girl who introduced me to my first private lesson, igniting a spark within me. With a competitive spirit urging me on, I embraced the challenges of ballroom dancing wholeheartedly. My heart belongs to the samba, a mesmerizing dance that demands precision and skill to interpret its rhythmic beats. But let me debunk a myth—ballroom dancing isn’t just about steps; it’s an intricate art form with countless layers waiting to be discovered. I wholeheartedly recommend this lifestyle to everyone! Join me and the Cypress Team as we eagerly await to be a part of your transformative journey!