Andrea – Dance Instructor

Andrea is originally from Lima, Peru. She moved to Illinois in March 2023. From the first moment that she stepped into a dance studio, she fell in love with dancing. Her journey with dance started at seven years olds. Andrea first learned festejo and marinera (peruvian folk dances). At 10 years old, she started taking ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance lessons. She continued to learn other styles of dance such as salsa, latin jazz, street jazz, and street dance. She became a dance instructor for kids, teenagers, and adults at 17 years old. Andrea’s accomplishments include earning multiple certificates, medals, and trophies in various competitions throughout South America, including Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru. She believes that through dance, we express how we feel. Dance also changes our lives and makes our hearts happy. For this reason, Andrea is passionate about helping students succeed in reaching their goals.