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How Can We Make Your Dance Dreams Come True?

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of Fred Astaire Dance Studios, where we are dedicated to fulfilling your every dance desire. Whether you’re seeking wedding dance lessons to dazzle guests on the day of your wedding, interested in the excitement of ballroom dance lessons, striving to enhance your social life, physical and emotional well-being, or aiming to elevate your dance skills to new heights – we’re ecstatic to have you here and can’t wait to meet you on the dance floor!

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you’ll be on your way to confident dancing by the end of your very first lesson!

Why Choose Fred Astaire Dance Studios?

Prepare to be captivated the moment you step into our vibrant dance studio located in Houston Heights. Experience the electric energy that envelops you, an inclusive and welcoming community that radiates warmth and acceptance, ensuring that every moment spent on the dance floor or amongst dancers is brimming with joy and devoid of judgment.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we deliver results. Expect to exude confidence on the dance floor after just one of our dance lessons in Houston, TX!

Our exceptional teaching method, backed by over 75-years of dance excellence, combines private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties, designed to maximize your learning potential, minimize the time required, and infuse every step with sheer enjoyment!

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Wedding Dance Lessons Houston, TX

Unforgettable Wedding Dances

Dreaming of dancing at your wedding with confidence or a First Dance that will leave your guests in awe? Fred Astaire Dance Studios is here to transform your vision into a reality with our wedding dance lessons in Houston, TX. As a top-rated dance studio in Houston Heights, if you desire a simple yet elegant first dance or a show-stopping routine that will have everyone talking, our skilled instructors will choreograph a unique performance that will etch itself into the memory of everyone that attends your wedding, from parents to the wedding party and beyond!

Dance Lessons FAQ

Curious about starting your dance journey? Here are the answers to some common questions about learning to dance and our dance lessons:

Embark on your dance experience by taking advantage of our exclusive introductory offer! Complete and submit the Intro Offer form on our website, and expect a prompt response from our team. We’re eager to understand your dance goals, help you enroll in our dance classes and schedule your first lesson. Brace yourself for the enchantment that awaits; we’re confident you’ll be hooked!

Our introductory offer will get you started with dance lessons and is a great deal that’s affordable for everyone to begin lessons! Beyond this offer, the cost of dance lessons varies depending on your interests and goals, from social dancing to competitive dancing and everything in between. Let us tailor a dance program that meets your needs and budget.

Each of our instructors is gifted with a passion for dancing. We hire professional dancers worldwide, many with Fine Arts degrees, and actively participate in competitions. Every instructor has completed a rigorous program to earn their certification to teach the Fred Astaire Dance Curriculum developed by Fred Astaire. Our instructors are determined to teach you the elements of ballroom dancing while making the entire experience fun, rewarding, and educational.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Houston, TX

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