What brings you here?

As a dance teacher for more than 20 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and teach hundreds of people, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. When a person first sets foot through the studio door, that initial step is most likely the hardest step taken that day. Unfamiliar territory and new experiences are challenging. But don’t panic. As a patient teacher, I can calm students’ nerves while encouraging them to try new things. At the end of the lesson, I make sure they leave the studio feeling excited.

The first question I ask new students is: “What brings you here?” Of course, everyone wants to learn how to dance, but students’ motivations are different. Some students have a special purpose, such as getting ready for a wedding or a special event. Some students just want to relax and have fun. Others want to feel confident in social situations and learn skills that will help them connect with new friends. Couples, perhaps, are looking for a fun activity to do together.

Some people don’t really know their motivation at first. They might say they “just decided to take a dance class,” and later, we learn more. Recently, a lady came to the studio after seeing “Dancing with the Stars” and said she wanted to try ballroom. After a few lessons, she opened up a bit more and developed a whole new perspective toward the lessons. She was new to the area and needed an activity that would introduce her to locals. She was also a recently divorced empty-nester, and she needed to get her mojo back. Another example is a gentleman who said he wanted to learn tango. I asked, “Why tango?” He laughed off my question and never revealed his answer. A month later, he told me that dancing tango made him feel powerful and strong. He said that because of his improving posture, he had become a more menacing sight in the courtroom!

So, when you enter our ballroom studio, please tell us why you are here. It will allow us to understand your goals, teach you in the best way and really focus on what matters to you – whether it is relaxation and fun, social enjoyment, connection with your significant other, exercise, or preparation for an event. Whatever your motivation, you made a good choice of walking through our door. Ballroom lessons offer so much!

Now, may I have this dance?