Give the Gift of Dance this Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and chocolates are nice, but dance lessons this Valentine’s day is even more special! Show your partner you love them with a gift that has benefits long after the class has ended. By gifting a lesson at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Middletown, you’ll be:

Spending Time Together

Dancing gives you and your partner a way to decompress and have some much needed quality time together after a busy day. This time spent together is important for both budding romances and decade long partnerships because it deepens intimacy. When couples dance together, they learn new skills they can take off the dance floor such as patience, communication, and empathy.

Learning a New Skill

Flowers will wilt over over time, but your new dance moves will stay with you and your partner for life! Practice them at home, and then when it’s time for you two to hit the dance floor at an event, you’ll have the confidence to relax and enjoy yourselves. 

Getting a Great Workout

It’s a well known fact that exercise floods your body with feel good endorphins, and dance is no exception! Dancing with a partner will have you both feeling happy and stress-free in very little time. Furthermore, working out at the same pace as a partner creates nonverbal matching. This helps a couple bond and feel more attuned with each other. Dance is great for this, since you’ll be moving in rhythm.

Here at Fred Astaire of Middletown, we offer both in-person and online couple’s classes designed to bring you and your partner even closer together this Valentine’s Day!