Dance & Home-Based Learning

Homeschool Fitness & Arts Class Through Dance

Due to the changing times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, home-based learning for children is growing exponentially. The days of group games and activities during physical education class may seem like a distant memory for your child. However, now more than ever, it is crucial to keep kids active, exercising, and engaged creatively. Setting aside time in your child’s day to experience a virtual dance lesson or in-studio dance lesson can accomplish all three of these things!

Dance instruction is a lesson in both constructive physical activity and also the arts. This is what makes dance so unique. It can be viewed as a sports activity because of the energy exertion it takes to move in complex ways. Dance is a unique balance of cardio and strength training that also helps to build balance and flexibility. It’s an art because the movement enables the dancer to tell a complete story without using words. So often we find children drawn to dance specifically because of the creative release the dance movement brings. Children never seem to realize they are getting a well-rounded workout during their lesson because they are having so much fun!

Furthermore, virtual dance classes can help children who may feel shy learning dance steps in front of others gain the assurance they need to come out of their shell. It never takes long for a child to find their rhythm, and before you know it your child will be teaching the whole family the steps they learned with great confidence and ease. Since dancing releases endorphins, scheduling a virtual dance class in the middle of your child’s day can help your child regain the energy needed to finish the day strong.