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As featured on Fox61 – Watch how our wedding couples have been creating their first dances – both online and in the studio!

Wedding Dance Lessons CTCreating memories that will last a lifetime…

We know how important your wedding day is, and we can help make it even more special!

Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Middletown, we offer a free 1/ 2 hour wedding dance lessons CT consultation to customize a wedding dance program that suits your needs for your special day. Making sure all your wedding dance needs are met is our top priority. Our instructors want to make sure that we channel your vision into your wedding day reality! Fred Astaire Dance Studios provides wedding dance lessons CT community members love.

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What Other Couples Have to Say…

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Your Most Common Wedding Dance Questions Answered

Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons?

Your first dance as a couple will be remembered for a lifetime! However, many couples feel anxious about getting it just right. Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Middletown, we’ll teach you the steps that you need to get on the dance floor with the love of your life with great confidence and ease.

Lots of planning, decisions, and preparation goes into a wedding day, and some of these aspects can be very stressful. We can promise that learning your dance steps will not be! In fact, many of our couples find much needed joy and relaxation coming to their wedding dance classes. As a couple, it’s important to carve out quality time, even during the busy time of wedding planning. With wedding dance classes you can have a date-night alongside important big day preparation. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Can you teach our wedding party some steps too?

Absolutely! While many couples contact us simply to learn a first dance, a large number of them end up recruiting their wedding party and parents to learn some moves as well. Whether you’d like to have us choreograph a show-stopping routine with all of the wedding party members, or you’d just like to learn a few steps for the special Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance, we’ve got you covered! Our lessons are tailored to ensure that in a short time you will learn as much as possible and have fun in the process. We take great joy in helping you to create the timeless memories that will be cherished by your family forever. 

How should I dress for my lessons?

We recommend wearing whatever clothes are most comfortable to you and allow you to move freely. We don’t recommend athletic shoes because they can stick to the floor; this will make the dance moves flow less easily for you. We suggest shoes that you would wear to go out dancing, a comfortable shoe with a back for women and a leather-sole shoe for men.

We recommend that ladies bring their wedding shoes to the first dance session, along with comfortable dancing shoes. We’ll help you determine if your wedding shoes will be comfortable for you to dance in. If not, no worries! You can make a quick switch to ballroom dancing shoes before your First Dance. No one will notice the switch, but your feet will thank you! 

Wedding Dance Lessons CT

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