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Everyone’s Wedding Day should be one of the most memorable days of their life, and we’re here to help you make it just that! Wedding Dance Instruction Programs at Fred Astaire Dance Studios will help you grow your dance skills and confidence so that you can show off your grace and elegance on the dance floor. Because we help you customize your wedding dance, you also get to create a “First Dance” that shows off who you are so that you can impress your family and friends with your newly-acquired dance skills and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Call the Downtown Milwaukee studio today, and let’s talk about your dream wedding dance!

Your Wedding Day First Dance

Your First Dance is one that will leave an everlasting impact on your memories of your wedding: it’s a symbol for your everlasting affection and commitment to your future with your new spouse.
Whether this dance be a couple steps or a long choreography, Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Milwaukee can make this First Dance the best you’ve ever seen!

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances
Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances are a way to show your unending love and admiration for your parents (or those who will take their place). These dances wonderfully accompany your First Dance and you will have even more fun by taking your parents to our wedding dance lessons!

Wedding Party Dance Routines
Want your wedding day to be the most memorable day of your life? We’ll help you create a “YouTube-worthy” wedding dance that will be guaranteed to blow all your guests away, and of course, you can choose the music. So make your wedding day even more memorable by incorporating a fantastic dance routine that will be hard to forget!

Your Day, YOUR Wedding Dance Experience

Our dance instructors at Milwaukee Fred Astaire Dance Studios will help make the most out of your time to help improve your dance skills as well as self-confidence. Want a bigger dance party? No problem, use our certified dance instructors to help you choreograph your dream dance. You make all the calls so bring us a playlist of your favorite songs, venue photos, your wedding attire, and anything else you’d like to share to allow us to best help you. We highly recommend that you schedule your lessons at least a month in advance of your special day, or even earlier for more complicated choreography.

Have Fun Along the Way To Your Wedding Day and Beyond!

Wedding dance lessons are a great way to have fun and relax before your big day! With all the decisions, schedules and deadlines involved in wedding planning, enjoying this time together, that’s just for you, can help you both de-stress and re-energize – and we promise you’ll have lots of fun doing it!

Don’t forget, the steps, skills, and techniques learned as you enjoy dance lessons in preparation for your wedding day, can then go on to be used on your honeymoon, at social parties, or any other future events you may enjoy together!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Lessons

From ceremony to reception, your wedding day is a celebration of your love for each other. Everything you’re planning – the venue, flowers, attire, food, music, and more will be a reflection of your style and personality, and your First Dance should be, too! For many couples, however, their First Dance can be a nerve-wracking experience. But after just a few Wedding Dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you’ll have the skills and confidence to wow your guests on the dance floor and create special memories you’ll always treasure. Wedding Dance lessons are also a great way to have fun and relax before the Big Day. Think of it as “date nights”! With all the decisions and deadlines involved in wedding planning, enjoying this time together can help you both de-stress and re-energize, and we guarantee you’ll have LOTS of fun.
At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, our Wedding Dance programs are tailored to you – your style & personality, and your priorities for the music and choice of dance. Our friendly, certified Dance Instructors can teach everything from a few simple dance steps to a fully-choreographed routine for your entire wedding party – it’s up to you!
If you’re reading this now, it’s probably time to get started because the longer you wait, the less time you have to create your dream Wedding Dance! Due to wedding couples’ typically hectic schedules, we recommend getting started at least 5-6 months before your wedding. This will give you plenty of time for scheduling lessons (for you, and possibly your parents and wedding party), and to truly feel confident with your dance. Of course, we can help couples who have less time available, too. Don’t put it off – contact us today to get started.
It all starts with a free consultation at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. We’ll discuss your plans, and learn more about your dream Wedding Dance. We encourage you to bring along favorite songs, pictures of the venue & your wedding attire, examples of dance videos you love, etc. Everything you can share helps us understand your goals for the day, so we can help you create a Wedding Dance experience that will amaze your guests and make your wedding even more special.
We offer special introductory packages that help you create a dream Wedding Dance that’s a great value. Beyond that, we will tailor a program to meet your individual goals and budget. Lessons with just the two of you can range from a few simple dance steps to a fully-choreographed dance. We can include your wedding party, for a YouTube-worthy routine. And including your parents (or special friends or family members who will be standing in that traditional role) in your Wedding Dance can be a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation. It’s totally up to you!
Absolutely! These days, more and more couples are including their wedding party in dance lessons – to create a unique dance routine, or even re-create a famous dance scene from your favorite movie, musical or video! A YouTube-worthy First Dance can be a show-stopping surprise for your friends and family, and will become moments you’ll all want to re-watch, again and again.
Yes! Including your parents (or friends or family members who will be standing in that role) in your wedding dance can make your time on the dance floor extra special, and it’s a demonstration of your love and appreciation for them. While our main focus and priority will be on your First Dance, we do suggest a few lessons for parents if you plan to feature a traditional Mother/Son and Father/Daughter specialty dance during your reception.
We realize that some Students arrive for lessons straight from the office, and others may be dressed more casually for their lessons – either is fine. The most important thing is to wear something comfortable, which allows you to move easily. Of course, you’ll also want to select comfortable shoes. We suggest leather-sole shoes for gentlemen, and a shoe with a back for ladies (similar to what you might wear to go out dancing). If you’ve already purchased your wedding shoes, we suggest you bring them along to your first lesson, so we can help you determine if you’ll be able to dance comfortably in them. Please note that athletic shoes do NOT work well on the ballroom dance floor because they stick, which will make it difficult to move your feet.
While wedding shoes are a beautiful accessory for your wedding attire, they are not always designed for comfort or movement. We recommend that you bring your wedding shoes to your first dance lesson, so your Fred Astaire Dance Studios Instructor can help you determine whether you can comfortably dance in them, or whether you should consider a pair of ballroom dancing shoes for your First Dance and reception. Your friends and family won’t even notice the switch – but you’ll be so much more comfortable!
The number of lessons you’ll want to take depends on the type of First Dance you want to create. Our certified Instructors and Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ proven method of teaching ensure that you’ll learn as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the most retention, and the most FUN. We work with you to create a First Dance that fits your vision, in the amount of time you have available. We can guarantee you’ll feel confident and comfortable on your Wedding Day. In fact, you’ll be on your way to confident dancing by the end of your very first lesson!
Not at all. If you have a specific song in mind, definitely let us know so we can help you select a dance that matches it well – but it’s not required. In fact, when you’re introduced to the different styles of partner dance, you may discover that you really like a dance style that doesn’t match your music! Whatever you decide, we’ll be there to help make your First Dance totally “yours”.
At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we are experts at all styles of ballroom dance – and can incorporate any one (or more!) of them into your Wedding Dance choreography. From a classic Waltz or Foxtrot or sultry Tango, to a fun & lively Country Western Two-Step and more, our certified Dance Instructors can help!