Types of Ballroom Dance


Ballet is a classical style of dance that anyone can learn. One of the greatest benefits of taking ballet is improved muscular strength. Instead of targeting larger muscles like most activities do, ballet isolates and focuses on one small muscle group in your body for a short period of time. Repeating certain ballet moves will help to increase strength in specific muscle groups. When you put moves together into a combination, you activate multiple smaller muscle groups at the same time which helps build strength and tone your body. Another benefit of ballet is improved flexibility. Unlike other kinds of dance, ballet puts an emphasis on stretching after every combination to ensure that your muscles stay warm and limber. The more often you stretch, the more likely you are to see a rise in your flexibility. The last major benefit of ballet is an enhancement in your mood. Reaching a deep sense of concentration and focus to memorize positions and moves in the order they are given to you can have the same psychological effects as meditation.