Introductory Offer

Get Dancing, With This Special Introductory Offer!

Simply submit the form on this page and we’ll be in touch right away with a money-saving offer, just for new students. Come by yourself or with a dance partner (we teach lessons either way)! Start dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and discover your passion for dance:

  • Romantic wedding dances
  • A new hobby
  • A fun & engaging way to exercise
  • A great way to connect (or re-connect) with your partner
  • To improve your social life
  • To bring your dancing skills to the next level

Our certified Instructors and unique teaching method help you learn & retain more, faster – regardless of your age, dancing skills or physical abilities. And at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! Step inside, and discover a warm, welcoming & 100% non-judgmental community that will inspire you to reach new heights, feel and look confident, and have fun doing it.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and helping you take the first step on your dance journey!

Introductory Special – $40

Enjoy the following:

  • 1 Private Lesson
  • 1 Group Class
  • 1 Social Dance Party

Want to know what we’re all about? Purchase our Introductory Special and begin learning the basic steps and techniques used in the variety of dances we teach here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Northbrook.

Announcing our ONLINE  Introductory Special – $25

Enjoy the following:

  • 1 Private  Lesson(40 Minutes)

Want to know what we’re all about? Purchase our Introductory Special and begin learning the basic steps and techniques. All from the comfort of your own home!

Introductory Special/ Kids Program – Complimentary  

We offer ballroom and latin dance lessons for children!

“Ballroom Dancing teaches us so many important skills that we can carry on throughout our lives. For children, learning values such as teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, and hard work are vital to shaping them to become who they want to be.”

The Kid’s Program is for kids and teens under 18 years of age.

Private Lessons for children and teens take place anytime. Group Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays @5pm.

If this is something your child may be interested in, we offer a complimentary introductory lesson for them to try us out!

Two Weeks of Dancing Introductory Special-$199

Enjoy the following:

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 2 Group Classes
  • 1 Social Dance Party

We recommend this Introductory Special to anyone new to our studio who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Our Two Weeks of Dancing Special is designed to teach you up to 8 most popular dances. After Two Weeks of Dancing you will be able to know the basic steps & elements. You will get familiar with our environment, professional dance personal and our teaching method. 

Introductory Special