“Wonderful teachers! They understood our needs and quickly offered a program. Very pleasant experience.” ~ Nikolai L.

“A friend of mine invited me to the dance studio for bring a friend night.  I thought I would go and just check it out.  I did not have intentions on becoming a member.  That quickly changed when I met Gina and her staff at Fred Astaire’s in Norwalk.  I was placed with a professional dancer, who is an extraordinary teacher.  I have so much fun each and every time I go to the studio. The one on one lessons are fantastic as you get great personalized attention on learning new dances, the group classes are small and are held at different levels so you can select which one you want to go to, and the Friday dance practice parties are so fun that I plan all of my social events around them. I could not ask for a better experience.” ~ Kristina L.

“7 years ago, I gave my wife a dance lesson for her birthday, having no idea what was to come. It wasn’t long before I was enjoying it as much as she was. I expected to learn how to dance, but I wasn’t expecting to meet so many great people, and make so many good friends.

Just last month, we went on a Caribbean cruse, with 5 other couples we met through ballroom dancing. We danced everywhere we could on that ship. One night, we were walking through the casino, and we all stopped for a flash east coast swing. The cruise director later on, stopped me, and commented on how cool it was that we all knew how to dance.

Almost every night of the week, there is a place to go ballroom dancing in the Fairfield County area. There is always something fun to do, and in a very short while, everyone of these places will have people you know, and people you call friends dancing there. Once in awhile you will even have a total stranger come up to you, and tell you how much they enjoyed watching you dance, and well, that’s pretty cool.” ~ Derek K.

“I went to watch Dr Svogun dance and he was having fun so  I decided to sign my husband and I up for a free lesson.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and joined for a series of 10 lessons.  Anna is a great teacher…very enthusiastic and friendly!  We also like the group lessons with Manuel and Anna and the dance practice parties are fun!  It has been a wonderful experience learning how to dance with my husband…I would highly recommend it!!!” ~ Sandy P.