Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Palm Beach Garden Reviews

Emily MurdaughEmily Murdaugh
15:17 28 Nov 23
Having no background in Dancing and no idea of what it would be like, the thought of starting lessons was little bit intimidating, however everyone here made me feel perfectly at ease. I have had Brian as my instructor for a couple months now and I really feel like I have learned so much in this time, he takes the time to understand how you learn as an individual and structures the lessons specifically for each student. Brain, Kristian, Mae, and Francesca are such warm and considerate people, not to mention beautiful and talented dancers. They are truly dear friends. I am very lucky to have found this studio.
Christine GeorgeouChristine Georgeou
01:06 25 Nov 23
I am so grateful that I chose the PBG studio for my lessons. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and very supportive. Brian and Christian are lots of fun to dance with. May is breathtaking to watch. Francesca is the beautiful receptionist who make sure I don’t miss my lessons. I love this place. I feel great when I dance with this group.
Sarah PowersSarah Powers
13:36 27 Oct 23
We did months worth of dance lessons with this company to choreograph our first dance for our wedding. Neither of us had previous knowledge or a vision on how to dance to the song we chose. Our teachers were extremely patient with us and were able to help us pull off an amazing first dance. We made it a date night where we did our dance lessons then went out to dinner afterwards and practiced our moves weekly. I would highly recommend this place for all those that want to learn how to dance or already know how to dance and want a wonderful team to dance with!Thank you guys for everything!Sarah & Michael Davis
Kristian SeseKristian Sese
05:09 04 Oct 23
Best dance studio ever!
23:54 21 Jun 23
I have never written a review that was more deserving than this one. Brian, Mae, Kristian, and Francesca are all some of the most kind, compassionate, hard working people I have ever met. My fiancé and I needed to learn how to dance for our wedding, and I didn’t think it was going to be possible for me to learn. Brian was always incredibly patient and kind, always having a smile on his face as we fumbled through our lessons. I can thankfully say, that with his help, we will be cutting up the dance floor next week!Please go see them for any of your dancing needs. You may go for dancing, but you’ll walk out with friends.Highly recommend them to everyone and anyone!!
Keyna HoffKeyna Hoff
15:54 25 May 23
Love this dance studio, staff and teachers are super friendly. Both group and private classes have the perfect combination of demand, content, and fun. Brian is super talented dancer as well as patient and a kind teacher. This studio is the perfect place to learn and have fun at the same time.
Zaneta HudecovaZaneta Hudecova
19:51 24 May 23
My fiance and I went to this studio to get help on our first dance for our wedding which was a few weeks away. Having 2 left feet and no clue how to dance ballroom this was an amazing experience for us both. We had Brian as our dance instructor and he was incredible at helping us create our first dance. From not knowing a single step to coming up with our own choreographed dance we learned in under a few weeks this was an amazing experience for us! Brian and his team are incredible and I would recommend them to anyone who just wants to have fun dancing or learning a specific dance! What a fun experience we will deff be coming back! Thank you guys!!
elsa jubackelsa juback
01:52 06 Apr 23
I love dancing in Fred Astaire
David ChiricoDavid Chirico
15:26 21 Mar 23
I was involved in ballroom dancing for a few years and what an amazing experience I had! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kristian & Mae who have brought this timeless activity to Palm Beach Gardens! Ballroom dance can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen weight-bearing bones, help prevent or slow bone loss related to osteoporosis, lower the risks of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, and promote increased lung capacity. If you’re looking for something ‘new’ and FUN I highly recommend you check out their studio!
Mia LaveryMia Lavery
18:46 07 Mar 23
Kristian and Mae are AMAZING! We primarily worked with Kristian on our very last minute (3 weeks) dance lessons for our first dance. He is extremely talented, quickly identifies moves that needs to be corrected, and eases you into the changes instead of bombarding you with everything at once. The brief times that Mae stepped in she gave valuable feedback that complimented Kristians directives perfectly. They are both so sweet and fun to work with that now we'll be going back for the group events! They are a perfect team!Don't be like us, start your lessons at least 3 months out, and don't wear rubber soles!