Newlyweds Continue First Dance Tradition Despite Pandemic

Fred Astaire Dance Studios is ensuring the tradition of celebrating a marriage with a first dance continues, despite the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The first dance at a wedding is a time-honored custom, like cutting the cake, best man toasts and tossing the bouquet. It serves as an everlasting expression of a couple’s love and commitment. The tradition evolved from balls held in Europe as far back as the 17th century, where the hosts, or guests of honor, would open the celebration with a dance. Over the years, couples showcased their personalities on the dance floor with romantic waltzes, upbeat ballroom dances, or over-the-top choreographed performances designed to inject fun and levity to get the party started. Fred Astaire Dance Studios helps couples make their wedding day memorable by offering customized dance lessons designed to impress their wedding guests. We give couples the confidence and skills to show off your elegance, style and personality on the dance floor. Learning to dance for your wedding is a great way to break up the stress associated with planning a celebration.

Stay-at-home orders issued by many governors nationwide caused couples to change their wedding plans this year. Social distancing guidelines forced them to cancel receptions, limit guests and in some cases, get married alone with loved ones watching the ceremony online. New technology, innovative wedding vendors and supportive families are helping couples carry on the first dance tradition and comply with new safety guidelines during the pandemic.

Check out the unique ways these couples and vendors are celebrating first dances during this unprecedented time.

James Rodrigues and Francesa Baldissera of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, near Vancouver, had to scrap their wedding reception following the outbreak of the pandemic. Wedding guests were unable to attend the small ceremony, but many of them turned up to help the couple celebrate safely. Guests were able to watch the newlywed’s first dance from their cars in the church’s parking lot.

Brian Stylez, the DJ and owner of Stylez Entertainment, is making sure couples in Hudson Valley, New York, area don’t miss out on a first dance. He has been visiting the homes of his clients to play their first dance song outside to create a positive memory.

The cast of the hit television series, “The Office,” danced online to help one special couple celebrate their big day. John Krasinski, one of the former stars of the hit sitcom, has been hosting a YouTube video highlighting good news since the beginning of the pandemic. Inspired by the groom’s proposal, which imitated the actor’s TV proposal, Krasinski surprised the couple with a unique wedding celebration on Zoom.

A wedding DJ in Maine is recreating the wedding dance floor online by streaming live wedding mixes. Chris Bouchard’s “COVID-19 Live Wedding Mixes” are streamed via Facebook as well as other online platforms every Friday through August. Bouchard takes requests for popular wedding songs to give couples a sense of normalcy at home.

As so many of the decisions, schedules and wedding plans are being scrapped, taking time to connect with your spouse by learning to dance can help bring joy to a difficult season. Fred Astaire Dance Studios added an Online Lesson Platform to its lineup of dance offerings to make it easy for couples to learn to dance while complying with social distancing guidelines. The Online Lesson Platform offers virtual private lessons as well as a variety of streaming and recorded lessons.

Let Fred Astaire Dance Studios help you find a way to celebrate your marriage with a special first dance during this unique time.