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Whether you’re interested in wedding dance lessons, a new hobby or way to connect with your partner, improving your social life, physical or emotional well-being, or taking your skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place — and we’re happy you’re here!

There are Fred Astaire Dance Studios locations across the country and around the world! Use our handy Locations Map to find one that’s close by to where you’d like to start dance lessons.

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From wedding dance instruction, a new hobby or way to connect with your partner, improving your social life, physical and emotional  health, or taking your dance skills to the next level, dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios will result in faster learning, higher levels of achievement — and lots of smiles. So, why should you choose Fred Astaire Dance Studios?

Turn Heads with Your Wedding Dance: Make it a Moment That No One Will Forget

Transform Your First Dance: Learn the Steps to Creating a Mesmerizing Wedding Dance!

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Fred Astaire Dance Studios hosts exciting events across the country and around the world that can make your dance experience even more fun and rewarding.

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Dance for the Fun of It!

Take the first step on your dance journey today, and discover a new world of joy, confidence, health, energy & fun!

Benefits of Dance

Ballroom dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. It can bring so much to your life – and it’s FUN!

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At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we offer instruction in both International and American Ballroom Styles, and then some! And as a Fred Astaire dance student, you choose which dance style you’d like to learn first based on what’s most appealing to you, and your individual dance goals.