Kids' Dance Lessons​

Dance Programs for Children

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios®, it’s not only adults who enjoy the many benefits of ballroom dance lessons; we’re also experts at helping kids and teens discover newfound joy and confidence through kids’ dance lesson programs. Whether it’s a positive outlet for exercise and self-expression, or competitive ballroom dance instruction for those aspiring to be DanceSport Champions – our caring, talented, and fun dance instructors can help craft the perfect program.

Our Kids’ Dance Lessons Are a Positive, Fun Experience

Gone are the days when teen dances and cotillions gave young people their first exposure to social dance. Today, parents need to be more proactive about creating opportunities and environments that will help develop these social skills, and the confidence that comes from them – and we can help. From ballroom & Latin dance to line dancing, hip-hop, theatre arts, and much more, our programs help young people get active, stay healthy, develop grace and poise, establish goal-setting behaviors, and build confidence. And the best part is, they’ll have so much fun, they’ll want to keep coming back!

Our kids’ dance lessons program requires no prior experience.

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What Dance Lessons Can Offer for Children and Teens

Learning to dance is about much more than moving to the music.

Dance lessons:

The Range of Benefits of Dance Lessons for Children & Teens

Dance lessons have a great impact on not only children but also teenagers for the long term. Some of these many benefits are:

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