Why Our Students Dance

Students Share What Dance Bring to Their Lives

There’s lots of documented evidence about the many benefits of dance, and thousands of reasons why people start (and keep!) dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Whether it’s for wedding dance lessons, a new hobby or way to connect with their partner, improving their social life, physical or emotional well-being, or taking their dance skills to the next level, there’s a constant thread woven into every story: dance is transforming! Enjoy this collection of Student videos, and perhaps see yourself in their inspiring words. When you’re ready to start your dance journey, contact us – we’re saving a dance for you!
This collection of “Why Do You Dance?” videos was filmed during recent Fred Astaire Dance Studios National Dance Competitions, because that’s when we have access to the largest groups of Students to interview. But competing (or even attending our dance competitions) is not required in order to dance with us. These events are optional tools to help you improve your dancing, gain confidence, meet new friends, travel, and have FUN! Some Students may decide they’re most comfortable in the dance studio, others discover the thrill of competing after they’ve started on their dance journey. Either way, that’s fine. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we create a dance program that fits your dance goals and you’re in charge, every step of the way.