Adaptive Dance, for Everyone!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Para Dance Lessons

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we believe that everyone deserves to – and CAN – discover the joy and transforming power of ballroom dance. It’s that philosophy that led us to introduce a Para Dance Ballroom Dance Lesson program for our studio network, and that empowered us to be the first dance instruction company in the United States to conduct Para Dance Sport Instructor Training, led by!

Let us customize a Para Dance program based on your needs & goals. Many of our certified Instructors have experience working with dancers who are amputees, or who use wheelchairs for mobility. We understand that every Para Dancer has different abilities, aptitudes and goals for their dance journey. When you join Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ Para Dance program, you will be working one-on-one with a trained dance professional who has experience in wheelchair dance sport instruction. You set the pace, and we’ll be there dancing with you, every step of the way.

All Abilities, All Ages!

  • Come to us on your own, or with a standing dance partner (we teach either way)
  • We welcome those with mobility and strength issues, paraplegia & quadriplegia
  • Experienced in teaching students with injuries or illness that limit movement
  • Most every dance style can be adapted for Para Dance!
  • Enjoy new social connections, inclusion & confidence
  • Create a dance for an upcoming wedding reception or special occasion
  • Dance “just for you” or show off your skills at Studio Showcases & Spotlights, and Competitions!


A Customized Approach to Para Dance Lessons
Nearly every style of ballroom dance can be adapted and taught to those who use wheelchairs or a prosthetic – if you have the right dance instructor. The keys to Para Dance Lessons are to study with certified dance professionals who have the training to offer comprehensive, safe Para Dance instruction, and who will work individually with you to create a customized program. No matter whether you’re seated or standing, have dance experience or have never danced before – you CAN dance – and we guarantee once you get started, you’ll have so much fun, you‘ll want to keep coming back!

Powerful Para Dance Benefits
In our experience, the benefits of Ballroom Para Dance Lessons can be life-enhancing for the Para Dancer. The ability to enjoy shared social connections, take part in special occasions, and create memories of a lifetime with family & friends can be powerful & profound. Para Dance lessons also help bring people together, and we’ve found that the shared experience of dance can be exciting and emotional for both dance partners – whether seated or standing, and regardless of whether they are a couple off the dance floor too. Some of our favorite Para Dance student memories are of couples – brides & grooms, fathers & daughters, mothers & sons who took Para Dance lessons to create special dance moments for nuptial receptions or special occasions. But just as special are those individual quiet moments when a Para Dancer smiles because they’ve discovered a new passion, or simply found joy in a new shared experience or hobby.

Ask about Para Dance Ballroom Dance Lessons at a Fred Astaire Dance Studios location near you – we look forward to helping you discover your dance journey, and to understanding that truly – “Life’s Better When You Dance!”.