Yuliya Lukina, Owner/Instructor

VIKTOR TKACHENKO and YULIYA LUKINA have been professional partners since 2005 and professional dance instructors and coaches in the Fred Astaire Dance Studio family for ten years.

Viktor started dancing when he was 8 years old and continued his training at various studios throughout Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkov’s State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport with a Master of Sport in Ballroom Dance and Choreographic Art. His student accomplishments include being a finalist and prize winner of international ballroom dance tournaments (IDSF, UFST, SGOSTY, TDSF).

Yuliya started dancing in Belarus when she was 13 years old. She was a member of the Public Union Belarusian Federation of Dance Sport, and she underwent extensive ballroom training under coach, L.P. Kats-Lazareva, at Mara Dance Sport Club in Minsk. Viktor and Yuliya have worked as performers on cruise ships such as Silver Sea Company, performed in the Ice World Festival in Harbin, China, and worked as performers at the Venetian Hotel in Macao, China. Since their arrival in the United States in 2012, Viktor and Yuliya have received impressive competition results as ballroom dance professionals, winning regional, national, and international championships.

As Fred Astaire dance instructors and coaches, Viktor and Yuliya have been helping students of all levels achieve their individual dance goals, whether those goals are to win competitions, dance for fun and better health, prepare for wedding dances and other special events, or to become dance professionals. They have taught at studios in New York and Michigan. Many of their students have won and placed in countless national and international competitions.

Yuliya Lukina South Windsor Dance Lessons