Good Talk with Cristy

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars is on its 24th season! The participants this season consist of; Chris Kattan- Actor & comedian, Charo- Actress, comedienne & singer, Mr. T- Actor & former wrestler, Simone Biles- Olympic gymnast, Bonner Bolton- Model & bull rider, Erika Jayne- Singer & reality television star, Rashad Jennings- NFL running back, Nancy Kerrigan- Former Olympic figure skater, Normani Kordei- Fifth Harmony singer, Heather Morris- Glee actress, David Ross- Former MLB catcher, and Nick Viall- The Bachelor star. As we are about six weeks into Dancing with the Stars, we can see the competition is heating up. As Chris Kattan, Charo Mr. T, Erica Jayne, and the most recent elimination (that I’m sure shocked most people) Heather Morris. It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks have in store for us viewers.

Since Dancing with the Stars premiered on June 1st, 2005, and unsure of its future as to whether it would be well received here in the U.S., has taken off and now 405 episodes, 24 seasons, and 12 year later here we are with a popular Ballroom Dance show in America! Since the show’s “take off” in 2005, Ballroom Dance lessons have become all that more popular. Ballroom Dance studios have popped up in more places to give people more of an opportunity to experience the Wonderful World of Ballroom Dance! The show has had its ups and downs, but the overall popularity hasn’t diminished that much. As we may witness, Ballroom Dance isn’t just for people who’ve been dancing all their lives and are super flexible. Thanks to Dancing with the Stars and Pop-Culture, anyone can feel free and okay to take dance lessons. It’s a pastime that can be for anyone who wants to learn to dance. Students range from the youngest being a little one of maybe 10 years old and up.

Life is fun and interesting when we try new things and explore what we can do. So, it is important that we go out and try new things, rather than wonder ‘what if…’. ‘What if I had done this fun thing?’ Or, ‘What if I had tried dance?’ You never know what’s going to happen or if you are going to like something till you try it out. Dancing with the Stars has allowed us, the people, to go explore and see what Ballroom Dance is about and to go give it a try. It’s fun and gets us out of the house. So, stay tuned till next time.

Happy Dancing!