Good Talk with Cristy

Endless Romance

“Can you feel the love tonight? You needn’t look too far. Stealing through the night’s uncertainties, love is where they are.” You could probably guess where that quote or song lyric comes from, the Lion King! Though, lions are not what we are focusing today, it’s love!

dance of romance
The epitome of Romance

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”? Or rather in this case, the romance and romantic side of things. Romance comes in all shapes and sizes in the way we go about being romantic. Whether it be through our actions, gestures, words, what have you; depending on how we show our romantic side. Some people might wonder how ballroom dance could affect the romance in their lives. Well, I’m here to tell you how Ballroom dance can have a positive impact for people wanting a little romance back in their lives.


Dirty Dancing Romance
80’s Romance

Ballroom dance isn’t just about two people learning their specific dance steps and then dancing to music while trying not to step on each other. It’s about the connection they have and share with each other. Ballroom dance can bring the something that may have been missing in your life back. The mystery, the excitement, the wonder, the communication, the closeness, the fun… Ballroom dance lessons are the perfect way for couples to rediscover romance by dancing your way to love! Finding another way to communicate and how to communicate with each other. It gives couples a chance feel “wooed” again. By being in the moment with each other while dancing, Ballroom dance allows you to feel all this. It’s an experience like none other. But like anything we do, we must enter it willing to gain something out of it.

It’s the journey we take when we start learning Ballroom Dancing that opens another window for us to see through and gives us alternative perspectives when thinking about our lives. It can create doorways for us to walk through. Whether we are single or in a relationship, we all should have the type of romance we need and want in our life. Ballroom dance can bring the excitement back into our relationship. It can create that date night we may have wanting to get back for so long.

romantic couple dancing
Can You Feel The Love

By learning the connection, we have when dancing with our partner – whether it be with a spouse, significant other, random person we just met on the street – we can really dance with them. We look in each other’s eyes (as weird and silly as that may feel), we can feel the connection not only though our dance frame, but we can also feel the connection between the two-people dancing. Like sparks flying in chemistry class. When we develop that connection, and keep cultivating it, it’s able to grow and be something powerful and beautiful. So, have that date night whether it be by yourself or with your significant other, build that connection. Take dance lessons go do something that will likely bring the two of you together. Either way, stay tuned for next time and Happy Dancing!