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Is Ballroom Dance Exercise?

When you think Ballroom Dance, what comes to your mind first? The dancing, the sparkling cloths, dresses that flow, etc. I bet you don’t think of it being exercise. I’ve heard people occasionally wonder whether you are really exorcising when Ballroom Dancing. The truth is, yes, you are.

Ballroom Dance has many elements for exorcising, just like you have when going to the gym. Instead of lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or going on an elliptical; you’re exorcising by dancing. Ballroom Dance exercises diverse groups of muscles with the various dances it offers – just like when going to the gym. More importantly, these groups of muscles are getting worked all at once. Talk about what can end up becoming an intense work out!

In Ballroom Dance you must keep to the beat of the music, and depending on the song, it can either be fast or slow. Either way, it can prove to be a challenge. On the up side, you are getting a work out. A bit contributor to working out your upper body when dancing in what is known as the ballroom frame. Both partners are holding up their own arms while supporting the other.

Ballroom Dance Frame

The above picture shows how the ballroom dance frame works. We can talk more about the technical aspects later, but for now, looking at picture you can how they both have to hole themselves. And while working on posture can be exercise moving with another person to the music can really work your lower back, legs, ankles, mid-section, hips, arms, and upper back.

Ballroom dancing can work out your arms and upper back by being the “proper” ballroom dance frame. Your legs, lower back, mid-section, and hips get exercised by the movement of the dance. The Waltz moves differently than the Foxtrot or the Tango. These dances work more of the upper body and legs. Bolero, I call the “love child” dance of Waltz and Rumba, because it has both elegant big movements of Waltz and hip movement of Rumba.

Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, and Salsa, along with other rhythm dances, work your mid-section by moving your hips. Plus, the way the dances call for specific moves, just like you would by going to the gym and working on one of the machines or lifting weights. Based on this, do you think Ballroom Dance can be considered exercise? Stay tuned to next time.

Happy Dancing!