One Team, One Dream

2017 NDC’s Inaugural Inductee!


Allen King

N.D.C. marked the inaugural presentation of the One Team, One Dream Award, and I can think of no one more deserving of that honor than Mr. Allen King.  For almost a half century he has been a driving force of inspiration and motivation that helped to create the dynamic talent that has become so prevalent in our FADS Family.

This new award is given to those who have impacted the ballroom dance world in ways that transcend the physical dancefloor…the “behind the scenes” people.  And that is the definitive characteristic of Mr. King.  He has always been preoccupied with helping others achieve their own goals.

Allen King NDC 2017
Allen King receiving award with his family at NDC 2017

As young professional, barely nineteen years old, I vividly remember being overwhelmed at my first Fred Astaire National Competition.  It felt like I was surrounded by dancers that had perfected Cuban-Motion before they learned to walk.  Mr. King went out of his way to welcome me to the event.  My blatantly insignificant status had no bearing on him.  He made me feel as if I were the returning World Champion.  As I would later learn, this was not an aberration, but rather an integral part of his charismatic personality.

His magnanimous nature is second to none; an indefatigable champion of the underdog, and he never leaves anyone out.  As a result of his lifelong dedication, countless professionals can trace their success in some measure back to him.  The ripples of his inspiration have resonated through Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios for more than 45 years and will continue to encourage generations to come.