John Monte Award

And the Award Goes to…Taliat Tarsinov![embedyt][/embedyt]

Considered one of the most beloved coaches and choreographers in the United States, Taliat Tarsinov has now joined the illustrious alumni of the John Monte Award Recipients.  Regardless of this new distinction, he had long since established his place in the Fred Astaire Studios’ pantheon of industry greats.

Known worldwide for his beautiful and innovative choreography, Mr. Tarsinov has endeavored to produce some of the most extraordinary routines ever seen on the ballroom floor.  The dancers who have worked with him, consider themselves exceptionally fortunate.

Taliat Tarsinov NDC 2017
Taliat Tarsinov receiving the John Monte Award at NDC 2017

He began dancing with Marina in the Soviet Union in 1974; a partnership that later blossomed into a loving marriage and a beautiful family.  They represented their country in almost every major World and European Championship earning myriads of titles along the way.  Out of five major national titles in their home country, they held four of them concurrently and were ranked second in the fifth category…International Standard.

In 1992, he moved to the United States and opened the New York East Side studio.  His multi-faceted talents have been featured on both stage and screen from Moscow to Manilla and from Blackpool to Broadway.  His protégés range from Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Dancers to every division possible in the ballroom world…and as such, are far too numerous to list in their entirety.  Simply stated, look at the list of finalists from all the major National and World Championships for the last twenty years and you will see the result of his creativity, passion and skill.