My New Year’s Resolution – Weight Loss, now how can I keep up with it?

So it’s a new year, and out comes the notepad with your yearly list of resolutions.  Maybe you are going to quit smoking or eating healthier.  Or possibly weight loss or of course, learn how to ballroom dance.  Whatever your goals may be, how can you stay with it for long enough to have meaningful life improvement? How long will it be before you list of life improvements is buried under stacks of old mail?


Let’s take ballroom dancing for example.  If you search the internet for ballroom dancing, you’ll find article after article that tout the hobby as being a great form of exercise, however, this doesn’t paint the whole picture.  Ballroom dancing burns about the same amount of calories as briskly walking or light jogging.  The difference, people who jog, usually do it everyday.  An average student takes between 1 to 2 lessons a week.  An average lesson length is right now about 45 minutes.  If you do the calculations, an average student burns between 270 – 540 calories per week during their lesson time; hardly enough to make a dent in anyone’s weight loss goals.  So why do so many people that take dance lessons experience a significant weight loss and toning?  The answer…camaraderie!

2018 New Year's Resolution
My Dance Resolution


We are a team.  The whole studio, from the receptionist to the teacher, from the owner to the brand new student are all part of a wonderful team atmosphere.  That is why students lose weight and tone their bodies.  Because the Team helps the student make good life decisions outside of the studio.  When given a choice of fast food or making a healthy salad, more often than not, a ballroom dancer will choose the healthier option simply because they don’t want to let their teacher or the Team down.

Team work
Together we can do it!

This is also the key in making your resolutions stick this year.  In addition to writing down your goals, make sure you build a healthy and supportive team to help you make the right choices.  Besides our dance studio, there are plenty of places to recruit a proper support team.  Friends and family, Churches as well as a variety of community organizations.  Just be sure that they are supportive and promote the same goals as you want to achieve.  We would love to help you achieve meaningful enrichment to your life.  Whether that means losing a few pounds or quitting smoking, or simply just spending more time with your special someone, we can help!