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Welcome to the world of ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in San Diego, CA. Immerse yourself in the joy of dance at our ballroom dance studio, whether you’re a social dancer or a competitor. Our expert ballroom dance lessons cater to all dance enthusiasts, providing a dance experience conveniently near San Diego, CA in the Carmel Mountain Ranch area.

Ballroom dance, also known as “partnership dancing,” requires the harmony of two dancers moving in sync. Originating in the 16th-century royal courts and further influenced by folk dances, it has evolved into various styles. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we offer ballroom dance instruction in two prominent styles:

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International Style: Introduced in England in the early 1800s, the International Style is a classic choice for competitive dance circuits. It includes Standard (or “Ballroom”) and Latin sub-styles, focusing on precision and form.

American Style: Adapted in the United States between 1910 and 1930, the American Style embraces social dancing and competitive arenas. Sub-styles like Rhythm and Smooth allow for expressive freedom and include dances like Salsa, the Mambo, and the West Coast Swing.

Navigating the Differences Between International & American Styles

International Style embodies the classic old-school ballroom dance, requiring continuous closed dance positions that keep the partners in contact most of the time. On the other hand, American Style, including “Exhibition” solo work, offers more freedom in choreography and embraces open and closed positions to give couples greater flexibility in their performances. While both styles demand technical proficiency, the American Style allows for more creativity, especially in closed figures. The style of dress changes based on the type, with International Style gowns in more of a floating style than those worn during American Style dances.

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We offer more than ballroom dance training at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Carmel Mountain Ranch in San Diego, CA. As a Fred Astaire dance student, you can choose your preferred style based on personal goals. Whether you’re seeking high-energy lessons for improved physical health or aiming for an elegant First Dance that will impress your wedding guests, our ballroom dance instructors are dedicated to making your dance journey unique. We have ballroom dance lessons for all ages and abilities to ensure you find the best fit for your needs.

Are you ready to get your dance on? Explore each type of dance with our demonstration videos. Contact our dance studio in Carmel Mountain Ranch, just outside of downtown San Diego, today and inquire about our money-saving introductory offer for new students. We’re ready to show you how much fun ballroom dancing can be.