Zionsville, IN Dance Lessons

Dancing is a popular and social activity. Whether you are dancing just for fun or are planning to join a dance competition, a little extra instruction can help. If you are considering taking dance lessons in Zionsville, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers several options. To get started, you will need to choose the style of dance that fits your tastes.

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Ballroom Dancing

One of the most popular types of dance we teach is ballroom dancing. In fact, Fred Astaire has built our reputation on teaching couples how to dance in a ballroom setting. Ballroom dancing competitions have grown in popularity throughout America, and today, people continue to enjoy this art.

You can learn two types of ballroom dance at our Zionsville-area studio: American Style and International Style.

American Style Ballroom Dance

American Style ballroom dancing is based on many styles of music, including Salsa, West Coast Swing, and Mambo. It includes both smooth and rhythm styles. American Style ballroom dance allows the dance partners to have exhibition, or solo, work, which gives it more freedom. Often, hobby dancers start with the American Style as a hobby, then fall in love with dance and go on to learn it at a higher level of proficiency.

International Style

In International Style, the dancers must stay in contact throughout the dance. This style does not allow for any exhibition work. This style of dance originated in England in the 1800s and spread across the globe through the music of the Strausses.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Perhaps you have no interest in dancing competitively, but you do have a wedding coming up. You can wow your guests by learning some professional dance moves to bring to the dance floor at your reception. We offer wedding dance lessons in Zionsville so you can dance with your new spouse with confidence. This is a fun date night during the crazy pre-wedding days too.

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Start Learning the Love of Dance with Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Fred Astaire Dance Studios is ready to introduce you to the style of dance you love. With classes in both International and American Ballroom Styles and wedding dance classes, and online options, we have something to fit your needs. No matter your age or skill level, let us help you get ready for your next dance event.

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