Fred Astaire Dance Studios Competitions… What Are They Like?

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Competitions… What Are They Like?


I often get asked, ‘What’s that?’ when a newer student sees a competition poster on the wall. I get asked, ‘What do I do?’ by students of every level. I get asked, ‘Why should I do it?’ by everyone! If that’s you, or you’ve ever asked those questions to yourself, read on!

What’s a competition?

A Fred Astaire Dance Studios competition consists of you, your teacher(s), and other dancers from around the region (and sometimes world) with a common goal—DANCING! You will compete in as many dances as you’d like in your age category, and your  level. This way, the judges know where you’re at in your dance journey, and can judge appropriately. You can dance at competitions to come in first, second, or third—or to get a score to see where you’re at. You can also dance syllabus steps (what you’ve been learning on your lessons) or you can dance what is called an ‘open routine’. Open routines can consist of many fun steps and styling—which you can get choreographed by some of the best that Fred Astaire Dance Studios has to offer! You and your teachers will plan this out several months prior to the competition. You will be guided through each step of the process—the steps, the attire, the music, and the technique. Remember—your teacher is a professional, and will make sure you are absolutely ready for this experience!


What do I do?

Tell your teacher you’d like to be a competitive dancer! Often times, teachers will speak with you about a competition, but if you aren’t sure what it entails—don’t write it off! Remember, we love dancing just like you, and the opportunity to show you this side of ballroom is one of our favorite things to do! Before each competition, you and your teachers will sit down and plan out two things: The dances you will be doing, and what your goal is for each competition. You can have 10 goals or 1 goal, doesn’t matter! As long as you come off the floor feeling as though you accomplished just one goal, that is all that matters. You will work with your teachers on your steps, technique, and styling. This will all be in your level, so never worry you’ll be doing something you’re not ready for.

Why should I do it?

In Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we use a conceptual method of teaching to make you into the dancer you’d like to become. Part of this teaching method, and one of the biggest parts, is GOALS. We have found that when you learn with a goal, you learn 5x faster than you would without one. Yes—for us, too! Part of these goals for some, is where a competition comes into play. During competition, before competition, and even after competition, your goal is kept in mind and worked towards. At our competitions, yes, it is glitz, glamour, and good music—but it’s also dedicated students and teachers working toward a common goal. Whether that goal be balance, coordination, arm styling, timing, footwork… you name it—everybody’s got at least one. (That’s all you need!)

Competitions help you on your way to becoming the type of dancer you’ve always wanted to be!