Edina Kobor – Trainer

Where are you from?  Hungary, Budapest.          

When did you start dancing and why?  I started when I was six. I tried different styles such as jazz, ballet, and hip-hop dance. I was 13 when I was first introduced to ballroom dancing. It was a hobby dance for a long time, but I always wanted to be a professional. When I met my husband a few years ago, I started to dance with him.

Favorite dances: I like every style of dance but if I need to choose – Slow waltz, Viennese waltz, classic ballroom because the dance is elegant and graceful, and I like bachata also because it’s a passionate and attractive Latin dance. I also enjoy salsa and the classic Latin ballroom as well.

What are you most passionate about I’m passionate about helping people fall in love with dancing, showing them why it is necessary for their everyday life and what it can give us – physical and mental exercise.

What is the biggest misconception about ballroom dancing?  Many people think ballroom dancing is boring, and it’s only for older people. Many people have never tried and that’s why they say that. If you try, you can feel how complex, difficult, colorful, and entertaining ballroom dance can truly be.