Elena Gutierrez – Studio Manager & Training Director

Where are you from: I hail from the enchanting mountain city of Bansko, Bulgaria.

When did you start dancing and why: My mom enrolled me in dance classes at the age of 6. Despite exploring other sports and arts like swimming, taekwondo, and painting, dance captivated me like nothing else. I started dancing professionally and competing at the age of 12. As a young girl, dance was my gateway to socialization, learning essential life skills and teaching me invaluable lessons in discipline and relationships. As I embraced dance as a lifestyle, I discovered its profound impact on my well-being – from keeping me physically fit to enhancing my mood and empowering me to overcome challenges.

Favorite dance: While all Latin dances hold a special place in my heart, it’s the infectious rhythm of the Samba that truly speaks to my soul.

Most passionate about: My greatest passion lies in cherishing precious moments with my beloved husband and kids. My professional passion is fueled by the pursuit of personal growth and helping others discover their best selves through dance. Beyond the dance floor, I love traveling around the world and exploring different places and cultures.

Misconception about dance: That it’s not a real sport or a workout. Some may underestimate the physical demands of ballroom dance, assuming it’s less of a workout compared to other forms of exercise. However, ballroom dance can be incredibly physically demanding, requiring strength, flexibility, and endurance. It provides a full-body workout while also improving coordination and balance plus many other physical, mental, social and emotional benefits. I encourage everyone to explore the beauty and joy of ballroom dance.